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   Chapter 340 Sleep Together

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Jane thought about it carefully with her head tilted to one side. Then with a smile on her face, she said, "You make sense! Yes, I have really missed a lot of things in the past 22 years, as well as a lot of happiness and joy. I will never lose any of my happiness in the future! Brain... " Jane suddenly looked at Brian with a starry eyes and said, "Thank you for coming to my life and giving me a new life!"

"In that case, I have done a godly good thing, haven't I?" Brian said with a smile. At this moment, the large bowl of spicy hot soup that they ordered was served. Brian drew out a pair of chopsticks for himself and another pair of chopsticks for Jane, waved his hand and said, "Have it!"

Quickly, they finished the spicy hot pot and felt very warm. It was hot even in such a cold day. The spicy food could keep people warm! After inner, Brian paid for the food. They walked around hand in hand, singing.

Brian said with a smile as he walked, "You know what? It's the cheapest midnight snack I've ever had! But it felt good! How about we go out for dinner again next time? "

"Okay!" Jane walked and shook the arms held together by the two people, the innocent smile appeared on her face. Looking at her bright smile, Brian changed his mind unconsciously, but he seemed not to realize it.

They walked for a long time, so long that Jane couldn't walk, and she squatted down and didn't want to move any more. Brian felt a bit tired too. But he still stood straight and looked around. Why did he walk to the cross river bridge without knowing it? The bridge was quickly cross the river of C City and the nearby city. Crossing the bridge, they turned a corner and went into a busy market by the riverside. They didn't see any person behind them. After hesitating for a while, Brian finally decided to put up with it. He could rest after passing the bridge!

"Jane, we can't stay here, or we'll have to sleep on the streets tonight!"

"But I really don't have any strength now. My feet hurt so much!" Jane put out her foot to show Brian. Under the street lamp, Bria

and have rest all night. You must be very tired, right? "

"It doesn't matter. The most important thing is that you can sleep well! I'll take a shower first. "

"Yes!" Jane nodded. Then Brian ran into the bathroom and closed the door.

Hearing that, Jane, who had just left the door, lay down on the bed, her face as red as a tomato. She took Brian's pillow, and covered it on her face as hard as she could. She thought, 'Oh, my God! How could I be so humiliated? How could she wake up in his arms in the early morning? Although his embrace was really warm and made her feel at ease. But would Brian think that she was an easy-going girl? Oh, no! She couldn't think about it!

In the bathroom, Brian's face was as red as a tomato! He turned on the tap and splash the cold water on his face, trying to stimulate himself to wake up. He had met a lot of hot girls who were prettier than Jane. They were hot and sexy. But he had never felt so surprised at them! But he felt as if he had done something wrong, or more precisely, like a young man in his first love who accidentally slept with the girl he liked...

'Oh my God, Brian, are you crazy? Stop woolgathering! Stop it! You have to know that you two are good friends. You have saved her from difficulty. Don't have those improper thoughts anymore, okay? You don't deserve it at all...' You don't deserve such a good girl to love you!

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