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   Chapter 337 He Also Needed Care

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 7790

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"Well, don't worry. After what happened last night, you can go back. If you are really bored at home and can't bear it, tell your father that you come out to look for me. Your father will definitely let you out!"

"Really? That's great! But what if my father doesn't believe me and refuses to let me out? "

"Then call me and I'll tell your father!"

"Call you? But I don't have a phone! "

"Oh my God!" Brian blurted out in fury. How could a person in his age have no mobile phone! "You deserve to be the disciple of the Ancient Tomb Sect!" Then he took out his phone and handed it to Jane. "This is my phone. Do you know how to use a phone?"

"Of course not!" Brian almost got mad when he heard this.

"Damn it! Did you pass through the time machine?" Brian sighed, grabbed her hand and sat her on the bed. He started to teach her how to use the phone. It seemed like a troublesome matter for Jane. He had taught her for a long time, but she still couldn't unlock it. At last, out of options, Brian had to undo the lock. Then it took him another half an hour to teach her how to make and answer a call, and how to send messages. After that, he said, "I can teach you everything else later. Now you just need to learn to make calls and text messages! I'll have someone send me a phone to me later, and then I'll send you the number, so you can call me! "

"Okay!" Jane stared at the big brick in her hand in surprise. "This little thing has so many functions? It's so interesting. Then I'll go back first. Remember to call me when you have time! "

"Well, I won't forget! You'd better go home now! Look at your clothes. It was hung from the window yesterday, and had worn for a long time. You must take a shower and change your comfortable clothes. "

"Well, I see. Have a good rest!" She then turned around and walked out. But before she was about to close the door, she suddenly poked her head in and said nervously, "Do call me!"

"I see. I'll call you!"

"That's good!" Like a child who wanted candies, Jane smiled innocently, turned around and left.

Looking at the empty and lonely ward, Brian lowered his head and felt upset. It was a lie that he didn't care. In fact, he was only one year elder than Albert. He had been abandoned by his parents since childhood and taken to F Area with his elde

Alice in Brian's arms and said with a smile, "Alice, come down. Uncle Brian is still sick. You can't make him tired!"

"Okay!" As expected, Alice freed herself from Brian's hug obediently. Moore stepped forward quickly and lifted her out of the bed. Then he looked at Brian and said, "Don't blame father and mother. They are really worried about Albert! They just lost a son. And Albert's condition has been repeated over and over again. They don't eat well or sleep well, so they get older all of a sudden. "

"I know. I won't blame them!"

"Alas! Although I have been separated from you since childhood, I can see that you really hope our parents to come to see you, but you never say anything, and even pretend to be very optimistic, so as not to let them worry about you. As your brother, I'm not as generous and considerate as you! "

"What are you talking about, Moore? There are so many brothers in our family. Our parents will sure take care of one thing and lose the other! What's more, if you didn't study medicine, do you think you can live with our parents from childhood? Maybe you are living a more miserable life than I am! "

"Yes! That's why I said you are much better than me! " Moore smiled and continued, "How is it? Is there anything wrong with your body? I drew so much blood from you last night. I thought you would sleep for a few days before waking up! "

"Am I that weak? I am the son of our parents. You are all so strong. How can I be weak? Don't underestimate me. It's just drawing blood. I'm not going to die yet! "

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