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   Chapter 334 Go Out With Brian

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Brian's words were like a small stone thrown into a quiet lake, raising thousands of waves. Blake looked at Jane in disbelief and said, "Jane, is this... Is it true or not? "

"Of course... Uh... " Before Jane could finish her words, Brian pinched hard on her waist. Jane looked at him angrily, but the corner of his mouth was raised. She had no choice but to nod.

This time, Blake was very happy. He blamed, "Jane, how could you be so mischievous! Since you have a boyfriend, why not introduce him to me? And I even held a party for you today! Please don't mind, Mr. Brian! This girl... She didn't tell me anything, so I... My daughter has grown up. As her father, I naturally worry about her marriage! "

Brian smiled coldly and said, "As Jane's father, we all understand that you are worried about her marriage. But I wonder what your taste in choosing a son-in-law is! Do you think that the old men like them are good enough for my dear Jane? Mr. Blake, I'm really angry about this! "

"Well... Well... "

"All right. I was going to say goodbye and go to the cinema with Jane. Since there's nothing else, I think it's time for me to leave! Jane, let's go! Or the movie will be over soon! " Then he left with a mysterious smile, holding Jane's waist, leaving the rest in shock.

When Brian and Jane disappeared from the dinning hall's doorway, everyone in the hall got excited again. They walked towards Blake and said, "Blake, you are so lucky! How could you connect yourself with the Cheng family! Although Mr. Brian was not as powerful as Mr. Albert, the members of the Cheng family were still very influential in this country! With Cheng family's protection in the future, Blake, you're going to have a meteoric rise! "

"That's right, Blake. Please help me with my business in the future."

Blake smiled, but his eyes watched the door gradually turn dark. His intuition told him that what happened tonight was definitely not fake, but if their relationship was true or not, he was really clueless. But since Brian had admitted that he was Jane's boyfriend in front of so many people, then he must become a boyfriend everyone knew! In this way, even if the Cheng family wanted to resist the pressure

f President."

"That's why our family can be outstanding in C City!" Speaking of this, Brian said proudly, "My family is not big. My father and uncle are the only parents in our family. In our generation, there are more people. Four of us are brothers, and one is a girl! Now my eldest brother has a daughter named Sheena, and my second elder brother has a son and a daughter. The daughter is Alice, and the son is Clark! Sheena and Clark were born on the same day! But Sheena was a few minutes earlier than Clark. So she was the sister! "

"Your family live together?"

"Yes! But now... " Brian's eyes dimmed. "Not long after my eldest brother passed away, and Albert is still in hospital. Our family is not as happy as it used to be. But with these children, my parents' attention can also be shifted! But after all, my eldest brother just passed away. Our family is still not that lively! "

"You are such a happy family! I'm so envious of you! You and your brothers are on good terms, aren't you? By the way, is your younger brother the one who fell into the water on the cruise that night? "

"Yes! It's not easy for you to remember! "

"How can I forget such an unforgettable scene! In this case, your family are all affectionate! By the way, is your younger brother and that girl who fell into the sea be together at last? "

"If they were together, my younger brother wouldn't be in hospital now..."

"Won't that girl forgive your younger brother?"

"She's dead!"

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