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   Chapter 333 Jumping Off From A Building

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 7564

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Miss Cherry obediently put the invitation on his desk and then turned around and left. Holding the invitation with two fingers, Brian looked at the invitation with contempt. If Albert was here, the invitation would have been trash! Although The Xie Group was also a good company in C City, in the eyes of the Cheng Family, it was nothing more than a small company that could be sold easily. The salary of Ricky International Group a month was much higher than their annual salary! But now that the invitation card had been sent, he wouldn't be as ruthless as Albert. He could go there to have fun!

As a result, after work, Brian tossed his suit coat on his shoulder, walked out to the Secretary's office in the outside and triumphantly looked at the beautiful secretaries there. He said: "I will take the position of the acting CEO to attend the cocktail party. Don't disturb me if there is nothing important! Bye! " Then he threw them a charming kiss before he left.

"Wow, he's so handsome!"

"Yes! Although our CEO is also very handsome, he always looks cold. Anyway, he is not as good-looking as Mr. Brian! "

"Come on, stop being such an anthomaniac. Don't you want to get off work?"

"Okay!" Upon hearing Miss Cherry's words, everyone started to get down to work.

Brian drove himself to the party. Blake Xie, the leader of the Xie Group, didn't expect the coming of people from Ricky International, let alone the current leader of the Ricky International - Brian! He came over to Brian in a hurry and welcomed him in person. "Mr. Brian, we are greatly honored that you are here."

With his hands in his pockets, Brian put on an evil smile and said, "Since Mr. Blake has sent the invitation, how can I not come? If I don't come, doesn't it mean that our Ricky International Group is heartless? If Albert is here, I don't care if there's no human feelings. Anyway, I was not in charge of the company. But now it's different. Although I'm the temporary CEO, I'm also the CEO anyway. If I don't come, it will make myself feel that I have no human feelings! What do you think? "

"You are right! hey! Mr. Brian, please come in! " Blake replied and walked inside. He introduced Brian to everyone present as if he was a money spinner.


They got down on their knees and looked down. Seeing that Jane was still there, they shouted in a hurry, "Miss, you can't run! You'd better go down and get her back! "

Jane was scared and was about to run out when she was found by them. However, Brian grasped her hand suddenly and said, "You can't keep escaping all your life! How about I helping you once? "

"What do you want to do?" Jane looked at him in surprise. Jane looked at him in surprise. "Let go of me, or I can't run away anymore!"

"I will set you free! But before that, I need you to act with me! Let's go! " As he spoke, Brian pulled Jane into his arms and dragged her towards the hall. Jane struggled even harder when she was dragged back to the hall. But the physical difference between men and women was so huge. How could she possibly be a match for Brian? Although she struggled, she was carried back into the hall by Brian.

Blake was the first one to notice that Brian walked in with Jane in his arms. He was taken aback and walked up to him. "Mr. Brian..."

"Mr. Blake, I just know that you are going to pick up a husband for your daughter? But what could I do? I didn't know until now that my girlfriend is your daughter by accident! What a coincidence? What a coincidence! "

Everyone was shocked by Brian's words, including Blake and his daughter.

Jane glared at Brian and said, "What the hell are you talking about?"

Brain gave her a meaningful look and said in a low voice, "You just need to cooperate with me!"

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