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   Chapter 331 Christine Disappeared

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"Anyway, within the territory of A Country, there is no trace of Yana. But I don't know if she has died. However, I did find her in the registration record. The plane exploded and her body was nowhere to be seen. No one could be sure whether she was in it or not. But I remember the last time of Albert's phone call was in line with the time of the plane explosion! "

Stella couldn't help but cover her mouth. She had never expected that Yana would die... At this moment, she even couldn't find a suitable person to take revenge! She even felt a little sad for the death of Yana. After all, this girl was only trying to avenge her younger brother. Although she was a little vicious by means, it was undeniable that she was a good girl. If she hadn't done so many bad things to Albert, she might forgive her and even accept her to continue to be her daughter-in-law. On the day she went to the hospital to find Yana, what Yana said could prove that she was still in love with Albert. But she rejected and cruelly let her leave. Otherwise, she wouldn't have died on the plane to France, and her son wouldn't have lost control of himself and had a car accident after knowing that Yana was dead. This was what she lost two sons!

Stella was so sad that she couldn't help crying. It turned out that she was the one who killed Davis! It was her!

It was drizzling the day when Davis was buried. Queenie, regardless of the fact that she had just given birth to the baby for a short period of time, insisted on holding Davis's ashes to bury him.

The cemetery was owned in the slum where Jacob and Carter had been born, but now it had been very luxurious. But the Cheng family still left a treasure land of geomancy as the graveyard after their family died, but no one thought that Davis was the first person to come here...

The graveyard was very magnificent, but this was not where they want Davis to live...

Queenie tried her best to hold back her tears and buried Davis' ashes in the small hole.

"Davis, our daughter... Our parents had named her Sheena. Mom and dad said that Sheena's birth should be the joy of our family, because her birth can make mom and dad less sad for you. Sheena is too young. She is too weak. She is still in the incubator. When she gets better, I will ta

orld!' she thought to herself. Forget her and start a new and good life! I hope you can be happy in the distant A Country.

"Baby, am I cruel to you? I'm sorry. You are destined to be a child without a father even before you are born! But I promise you that I will give you more happiness than having a father! Will you believe me? Come on! In the future, there will be only you and me. I'm with you, we will be the happiest family in the world! I will work hard to earn money so that you can live a happier life! "

Yana took out the offer letter. She was still hesitating whether to accept the university or not. It was just a pity that such a good opportunity was wasted. But if she went to school, she wouldn't have any spare time to make money. She could only use the money in the bank card that Ellis gave her.

Although she had owed him a lot, she still felt very uncomfortable to spend his money! She wanted to ask the school if she could apply for a job when she was in school. It seemed to be a good idea! She had to make a good plan before her baby was born, or it would be too late!

Although the house was small, the sunshine was still bright, and the landlady was a good person. So she thought it would be okay to live here temporarily! By the time she graduated from college and saved enough money, she would definitely move to a bigger place! "Baby, the only thing we can do now is to endure the hardship. I know you have gone through such a hard time. You must be a strong baby, aren't you? I believe you!"

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