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   Chapter 330 Lewis' Investigation

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 7611

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It was the first time for Christine to see such a mess in her family! They had been the happiest families in the world since she could remember. Although Albert might have been sick of his uncle's family, the family were actually living in harmony with each other and had never been through any danger before. She had a good life since she was born. However, she had gone through the toughest thing in her life this year!

One day, Brian came to the hospital to see Albert. When he passed through the staircase, he heard Christine complaining, "How can I let go of such a big family now? Don't you know anything about my fourth elder brother? Please don't force me anymore, okay? We'll talk about it later... Gordon, you know it's impossible for us to break up. At this time, can you stop saying those words that make me sadder? Okay... "

"Christine, who are you talking to on the phone?" Said Brian with a frown.

Christine was startled. She turned around and saw Brian. She hung up the phone immediately and walked up to Brian. "Brother, why are you here? Aren't you busy with your company's affairs? "

"I'm fine with the company affairs. After all, the people in the company don't eat idle food. I just went to sit in the company and took care of it to prevent the stock market from deteriorating. The professional personnel have to take care of the rest things. I'm totally useless, so I come to the hospital to have a look! Are you okay? If you need any help, you must tell me. I will help you! Although I'm not as capable as Albert, I have a professional body guard team. Don't forget it! "

Every member of the Cheng family had his own exclusive guards, and each team was carefully selected, and only that person was qualified to command. Except for their master, no one else, including his own brothers, sisters, or his parents, could not force them to act. It was because the family business of Cheng family had a very strong background. Although the Cheng family had left the underworld for many years, the real power of Flaming Sect was still controlled by Jacob and Carter! That was why the Cheng family was always attacked. The personal guard team appeared and protected them in such a crisis.

"Don't worry about me, Brian. I can handle it myself! Now

Lewis took out a sealed bag and put it on the table. "Here's Albert's phone. I've checked it. What about you?"

"Yes, this is Albert's phone!"

"The mobile phone has been destroyed as a result of the accident and can't be restored at all. But I copied the memory card in it. And then I can clearly find the call records and messages Albert sent before the accident! The content of the text was not important, but there was only one call, which was on the phone when Albert had a car accident! I've checked this number. It's from Yana. But I can't get through to this number! I can't copy their conversation. I have no idea what they were talking about. The only thing I know is that the call was suspended because of the car accident. "

Clenching her fists, Stella roared, "I knew it was Yana who had something to do with it!"

"Aunt Stella, I haven't finished my words..." Lewis put another piece of paper on the desk and continued, "This is the registration record of the airport. On the same day of the accident, you can see clearly that Yana took a plane to France!"

Thanks to the thief who robbed Yana's wallet. Unexpectedly, Yana's name appeared here.

"As for the flight to France... It exploded! Which means... Yana has already... "

Although he didn't finish his words, everyone knew what he meant. Stella looked at the records incredulously, and said in shock, "You mean... Before she flew to France... The plane exploded, so she was dead... Then, Albert must have known that Yana was dead... "

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