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   Chapter 329 A Complete Mess

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In the delivery room, Hannah and Queenie gave birth at the same time. Hannah gave birth to a baby and fell asleep soundly. But Queenie was dying of massive hemorrhage, and the doctors were all sweaty with anxiety. As a premature labor and difficult labor, her condition was not looking good. The members of the Cheng family felt nervous on both sides.

Finally, Queenie gave birth to a daughter. When she was sent to the ward, she looked helplessly at the people surrounding her, but she couldn't find the person she wanted to see most. She couldn't help but sob, "Where is Davis? Why didn't he come to see me? Why isn't he here? "

All people in the room looked at each other and didn't know what to say. However, tears in their eyes made Queenie seem to understand something all of a sudden. She struggled to get up and said in fear, "I'm going to find Davis! I'm going to find Davis! "

"Calm down, Queenie! You have just given birth. Don't be like this! " At the sight of that, Bella hastened to hold Queenie to prevent her from getting out of bed. Then with tears rolling down her face, she said, "Davis... There was a car accident on the way here, and... He's gone... "

This news was, without doubt, like a thunder to the earth that made Queenie unable to react at all. She said incredulously, "It's impossible! It's impossible! You must be kidding me! No way! I need to see Davis! I want to meet Davis! " She cried and went out of bed, ran all the way.

In the mortuary, Jacob was holding back his grief and instructing his servants to arrange the body parts of Davis. But Queenie suddenly rushed over and cried, "Davis! Davis... "

But someone got in her way, all the people there were tearful. Jacob waved his hand tiredly and those people immediately let go of Queenie. Queenie rushed over at once. She looked at the corpse covered with white cloth and couldn't believe her eyes. She trembled all over and said, "Davis, Davis... No way! No way! It's impossible! "

With her trembling hands, she wanted to uncover the white cloth, but someone immediately stopped her and said, "Queenie, Davis' body... You'd better not! "

"No! I have to see it! I have to know this man... I have to know is he my husband or not! " In spite of their opposition, Queenie insisted on exposing the white cloth, but when she saw Davis' bloody face, she

itely wake up! You don't know that Albert has always been a very strong child since he was a child. So I believe that there is nothing in the world that he can't bear! Stella, don't be sad! The person who needs care most is Queenie now. She had just given birth to the baby, and Davis had... I couldn't help crying when I saw Queenie! "

Thinking of that Queenie was sitting on the bed in a daze without eating or drinking, Stella could not help feeling distressed. She said, "I will try my best to persuade her. Please take care of Albert for me during the period."

"I will! Sister... " When Bella looked at Stella's wrinkled face, she felt a lump in her throat and cried. Why did they all have such a bad fate? They had suffered too much in the first half of their lives. They had thought that they would be able to live a peaceful and happy life in the rest of their lives, but they didn't expect that she would experience the pain of losing her child who had been dead. "If possible, have a good rest and don't be too sad."

"How can I sleep now? I don't think I'm tired at all! I've slept for so long. How could I still sleep? Besides, there are so many things for me to handle. How can I have a rest? I'm not tired at all... "

Although she said she was not tired, Bella knew that she was pretending to be strong now. How could anyone not be sad after his own son died? If she didn't vent her sorrow, she would fall down sooner or later.

"I won't fall! I will not fall down! " It seemed that she had heard what was on Bella's mind. Stella murmured to herself.

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