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   Chapter 324 A Gift

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 7472

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"What did you say?" asked Stella, frowning.

"The Cheng family is so generous. I just slept with Albert for a few nights. I really think it's a good deal! I think this money is more than enough to pay for the nights! Since the Cheng family is so generous, I will naturally accept them all! I won't badger with him anymore. After all... " She shook the check in her hand, sneered and said, "I've earned the money."


"What did you say? Say it again? " All of a sudden, a feeble voice came from behind Yana. He pulled Yana into his arms forcefully and forced her to look him in the eyes. Then he said word by word, "Take back your words!"

Albert's eyes were bloodshot, which pierced into Yana's heart. But she was happy to know that he had woken up.

Feeling tears begin to surface in her eyes, Yana tried her best to hold them back and said, "Mr. Albert, I'm telling the truth! I might have told you, Albert. I might have fallen in love with you, but you and Betty ruined my love for you! The reason why I was with you and slept with you every night and pretended to love you very much is just to revenge you! Now I have finished my task and taken the commission I deserve. I don't think it's a loss! Or do you want me to admit that I love you? But our love is easily bought by ten million dollars. What kind of ending do you want? "

"I don't believe it! You saved me! I told you that as long as you saved me, I would let you stay with me, whether you still love me or not! Even if you still poison me everyday to let me die in poison. As long as I die by your side, I will care about nothing! Yana, I regret it. I should've put the ring on your finger that day, so that you wouldn't have left me! I regret it! I have been taking this ring all the time! " He took out the necklace from his neck and the ring was on the necklace! With his trembling hands, he took the ring off the necklace. He grabbed Yana's hand and wanted to put it on.

Trembling, Yana stared blankly at the ring on her finger. Just as the ring was about to put on her finger, she pulled out her hand, took a few steps back and shook her head desperately. No one knew whether she was denying herself or Albert! She said, "We have no futu

ana's body shook slightly. Ellis quickly held her and asked, "Are you okay?"

Shaking her head, Yana straightened up and said, "I want to walk alone. You go home first."

Worried as he was, Ellis sighed and walked away.

Yana was walking around on the street aimlessly. She didn't know where she was going next, nor where she was going in the end. She just walked around aimlessly. When she got tired, she fell to the ground and bowed her head, began to cry silently.

Finally, she walked to Joe's tomb and squatted in front of it. She looked at Joe's face on the tombstone and said with tears, "Joe, I'm so happy today! The woman who killed you finally got her retribution. It was me who sent her into prison in person! Are you happy? Actually, I know it's me who killed you! If I hadn't met and fallen in love with Albert, everything would not have happened! It was me who killed you, not anyone else! But I cowardly blamed all the blame on Betty. In fact, I'm just a coward. Joe, do you still hate me? From now on, I'll never come back. I'll go to Paris, to the place you love most, and to accomplish our common wish! I will try my best to help you fulfill your wish. Trust me, even if you can't see, I will help you realize your dream! Joe, you know what? I don't hate Albert at all! But I know that we really have no future. But I also thank him for giving me a gift when I am alone... " Yana placed her hand on her belly and promised, "I'll be fine. For you and for the baby..."

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