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   Chapter 323 A Ten Million's Check

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 7545

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Then Moore gave a hug to Stella and said with a smile, "Don't worry, mummy. Everything will be fine and nothing will happen to us!" He let go of her and rushed to the conference room with other medical workers.

When they walked into the ward, they saw that Albert's face was almost as pale as a piece of paper. Stella couldn't help but cry. "Why my son would suffer so much pain? Why did he get hurt again in love? Why can't my son just spend the rest of his life happily? Why does he have to be tortured like this? "

"Sister, don't be sad. I know Albert has a strong mind ever since he was a child. He will surely make it through! Moore also said that it's not impossible to cure Albert. Don't worry! "

Stella stopped crying. However, her eyes were full of hatred. She gritted her teeth and said, "The most intolerable thing in my life is that someone hurts the closest and dearest person around me! If anyone dares to hurt them, I will not let them go easily! But this time, the person who had hurt Albert was the one he cared about most. Do you know what to do, Bella? "

"I know! But sister, we can't make the same mistake again! And we would make the decision after Albert woke up and asked him. Young people always like to quarrel with each other at any time, so perhaps what happened today was just a mistake. Besides, the last time we dealt with Betty, Albert was very dissatisfied with us. So this time, even if they really can't be together, we have to wait for him to wake up and listen to his thoughts. "

"What else do we need to think? It must be Yana! Anyway, I will let her know we are not easy to use! "

Then, Stella walked out of the room. Bella had no way to stop her. Finally, she sighed and looked at the man lying quietly on the bed...

Having been lying on the bed for a long time, Yana felt sore and aching all over her body. Regardless of Ellis' interference, she insisted on getting up and taking a walk downstairs. Meanwhile, she also ordered Ellis not to follow her, and she would call him if something happened. After thinking for a while, Ellis didn't insist and let her go out of the ward alone, because he thought she should stay alone for a while.

When Emmett wandered alone in the garden of the hospital, t

meaning of the check..."

"Take the money and break up with Albert completely. Don't have any feelings for him anymore! I hope you can leave the A Country! "

Yana giggled, but from the corner of her eyes he saw the person who was stumbling over. She sniffed, took the check and looked carefully at it before shaking the check. "Mrs. Cheng, are you kidding? Do you really think that my relationship with Albert is only worth ten million? Don't you think you are underestimating your son? He is the CEO of the Ricky International Group, who is worth no more than ten billion. Do you want to send me away with just ten million? "

"Huh!" Stella sneered, "I didn't expect that you are so materialistic like other women! Tell me, how much money do you want? I'll give you the money as long as you name it! "

"Of course I know! The Cheng family was rich enough to buy the whole C City, let alone ten million! If I really have a relationship with him, ten million is really a huge insult to your son's identity and our relationship! Love is priceless. Even if you give me a golden mountain, you can't buy it! But what could I do? I am a true woman. Although I am very bad, I also know that unjust wealth is unjust wealth in the end. Even if I get it, my conscience will be uneasy. If I'm not in a good mood, I can't spend it no matter how much money you give me! But I've taken this ten million! Not for other reasons, but for the fact that the relationship between me and Albert only worth ten million! "

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