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   Chapter 322 Jump Into The Sea

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Raising his lips a little, Albert sneered, "What do you think I want to do?"

Upon hearing his words, Yana drew back her hands subconsciously and tried to protect herself. She wouldn't let him get any closer. Noticing that she was alarmed and cautious, his eyes narrowed. He smiled bitterly. All of a sudden, he loosened his grip on her and took a step back. Staring at her in despair, he asked, "If I fall into the sea like this, will you save me or just watch me die?"

"I hate you, Albert!" Yana's hatred was unfounded. But Albert's heart sank. He forced a smile and said, "Well, then let me give up, and let me see what you've decided! There is no one here. If you save me, I won't let you leave me. It will be a torture for both of us! "

"What the hell do you want, Albert?" Panicked, Yana looked at the decisive look on his face. She stepped forward in an attempt to stop him, but it was too quick for him to jump off the boat!

"Albert!" The sea was very fast flowing. Lying on the rails, Yana watched him jump up and down, up and down, but eventually, he gave way to a sign of giving up. At this point, she remained motionless. Standing on the deck, she stared blankly at the man who had been thrown into the sea. She knew that if she didn't save him, he would probably give up and let himself sleep in the sea. But she couldn't stay with him anymore. Why would they torture each other like this?

His body was immersed in the freezing sea. If Yana didn't save him, he would freeze to death quickly and lose all his strength. Then he would be drowned to the sea. As time went by, he felt his body becoming colder and colder. His blood was frozen...

He was desperate to see Yana, who had been standing on the deck, wondering if she was really so heartless? She would rather see him die than cry out to save him? 'Yana, I've seen your determination. But I still love you...'

Yana's eyes lit up as she saw clearly that before he gave up completely, he opened his mouth. Although she could not hear the voice, Yana could see that he was saying... 'I love you!'

Tears welled up in her eyes. She lost the game completely. She couldn't be really hard hearted when facing Albert! Yana cried out, "Albert!" Then she jumped down as well!

Someone shou

things be different now? He was so regretful that he didn't show up earlier. If he had been there, Yana wouldn't have met Albert and wouldn't have suffered so much. However, this was how the God was like. He would never let others have the second chance to come back. That was why the fate of Yana and Albert was doomed to tangle with each other for a lifetime.

The operation had been going on for more than ten hours in the private hospital of the other side. The Cheng family had been waiting outside the operating room anxiously. It didn't take long before the light was finally off. With a slight frown, Moore walked out of the operating room. All of them rushed up and asked, "Moore, how is Albert? Is he okay? "

"Not good! There are signs of cancer! "

"What? Cancer? How could it be? "

"Albert was involved in drug abuse again! And more surprisingly, this time was much serious than the last time! The dosage is several times the last time! And the drug abuse has lasted for more than several days! However, he wouldn't be in danger for a short time, but now his body is too weak and his antibody is also too weak. He had to rest well before he carried out the operation. Mom, don't worry. Although the situation is not good, it's not enough to take Albert's life. He has to suffer a lot these days! It would not be easy to get rid of drugs for the second time. I will have a meeting with the team of experts. It's better to give him physical therapy, and try not to stimulate him as much as possible. "

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