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   Chapter 321 What Are You Going To Do, Albert

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 7653

Updated: 2020-03-01 00:25

"So you are so coward to choose not to love anyone?"

Brian smiled and said, "Yes, I'm a coward. In the Cheng family, I might be the only child who is unlike father, but you are the child like father most! You have to admit that you have parents' blood, because the cold in you is exactly the same as our father when he was young! Although I don't know what father has gone through, I know he has not only made great efforts but also destroyed that organization and set up his own business! And you are really like father! Although our eldest brother has joined the organization since he was a child, he has never attacked others with his own force. Our second elder brother is a gentle doctor. Although his hand is covered with blood, all he did were for saving people. And I'm the most useless one among us. I even evaded the responsibility of being a child of Cheng family, and put all the burden on you! You are more cruel, cold and calm than father and uncle! But you have turned into this when you face love. I really can't imagine, if I really love someone, will I die? "

"Love is not necessarily full of pain!"

"But you will still get hurt by accident! If you really fell in love with someone, you would get hurt because you loved her too much. Just like Dad and Mom, Uncle Carter and Aunt Bella, even though they loved each other very much, they would also hurt each other sometimes. Those who could hang on longer would grow old with age. Those who couldn't hang on would leave with regrets. Albert, are you sure that Yana just wants to take advantage of you and doesn't love you? "

"If she really loves me, she wouldn't have left me so determinedly when I humbled myself to try to keep her." With a bitter smile, Albert said, "Yana is really smart. She has sacrificed so much just to revenge on me. She made me mistakenly believe that she loves me. She made me fall in love with her, but she hurt me deeply..."

Brian smiled noncommittally. He wanted to tell Albert the scene he saw that day, but he wanted to see if Albert and Yana could separate at last, so he didn't say anything. He just patted his on the shoulder and said, "There are shows in the room. Do you want to go in and play?"

"Okay!" Albert didn't refuse and followed him inside. 、

There was elegant m

ay? "

"I... When did I run away? I just felt the atmosphere was too stuffy inside. I came out to get some fresh air! What's more, why are you not a bastard anymore? Can't you be more careful in public? "

"Really? Why should I be careful? Do I need to tell you when I am with my woman? Yana, don't you think you are too self-righteous? "

"I don't want to restrain you, Albert! If our engagement ceremony goes on as we promised, I may be in the mood to take care of you. But now, I'm sorry. My man is not you anymore. What I should care about is not you, but Ellis! Therefore, all the thoughts in your mind are very ridiculous. In my eyes, your performance is just a clown! "

"Then why are you here? Don't you know the cruise is owned by the Cheng family? "

Yana's face turned pale at once. The cruise was owned by the Cheng family, and the party was planned by the Cheng family? She couldn't believe that Ellis didn't tell her! Her hands clenched tightly unconsciously, but she still smiled politely and said, "I'm sorry. I'm just accompanying my boyfriend to attend a banquet. It doesn't matter who held it. I'm not here for anything else, but for the man I care about. He's here! Besides, he only invited me for fun. I don't care who held the party, because I'm here for my own pleasure! "

Albert's rage was on the verge of erupting. He dashed forward and pressed her against the railing and his chest. Startled, she immediately pressed her hands against his chest. "What are you going to do, Albert?" she asked.

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