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   Chapter 319 Come Back

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 7726

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"I don't know. I need to think it over! Think it over! " Yana looked up at the man who was lying quietly in the bed. Her mind was in a mess.

Staring at Yana in silence, Ellis sighed helplessly and walked out of the room, leaving her alone to think about something calmly.

After a night of coma, Albert finally woke up at the early morning of the next day. When he looked up, he saw Yana sleeping by his side with her head resting on his hand. His heart was instantly empty, and all the worries and insecurity were gone, leaving only endless peace. He reached out his hand and stroked Yana's hair. As soon as he touched her hair, Yana woke up! She said, "You wake up! That's great! Do you feel uncomfortable? "

"Yana... Yana..." His throat was so scorching that he could hardly speak. Yana quickly poured a glass of water for him. After that, he drained the glass of water in her hand. But he didn't keep his eyes away from her. "Yana, were you lying to me? Were you just kidding? You didn't leave me and you were still by my side. You lied to me, didn't you? "

"Mr. Albert... I don't know how to explain it to you! I'm really sorry for drugging you. I know it was my fault to make you like this. But I really hope that you can stop taking that drug. It's not good for your health after all. "

"So you still care about me, don't you?" Albert smiled happily, "I know that you will never leave me! I know it, I know it! "

The man's childish words almost made Yana cry. "Albert, are you still daydreaming? We can't be together anymore! I am Ellis' girlfriend now! Maybe in the near future, you are going to attend our wedding! How could I think of you so much? "

"Then why did you stay here with me for the whole night?"

Yana reluctantly raised her hand, "You passed out last night. You held my hand tightly. That's why I came here! Otherwise, why do you think I am here? Do you think I still have feelings for you? Don't be ridiculous! Now that you are awake, let go of me, okay? "

"No! That's not the truth! I remember clearly! You saw that I passed out. You looked terrified and nervous! If my memory serves me right! Yana, don't deny it anymore. Come back! I'll take it as nothing has happened. Let's stay together, let's get married, we will be very happy and sweet, we will have a lot of

m. Maybe you will find a new life that suits you. Maybe in the future you will be happier, instead of living such a painful life as now. Even though I don't want you to leave, I still hope that you can give up the past and start a new life. Even if you lose me in your new life, I don't care anymore.' Ellis thought.

After a while, Albert arrived at the villa of shallow water bay. The whole family were there. When they saw the downhearted man, they didn't dare to say anything. They just stared at him in silence. Suddenly, he gave a smile to all of them. "Why are you all looking at me?" he asked. Haven't you seen enough of me after so many years? Is there any show today? "

"Oh, well... Albert, there is a party tonight, which is held on a cruise ship with a lot of young ladies and gentlemen. Would you like to go with me? "

"What's up? You know me. I don't like it! " Albert hunched over to get the remote control. On TV, an entertainment news was being broadcast. The movie, 'The Heroine', had caught a 100 million box office last night. It was estimated that the box office would soar all the way. But Albert had no interest in it at all. He turned to the financial channel.

Brian went over the sofa and put his arm around Albert's shoulder. "But it's boring for me to go there alone! I asked Moore to go with me. He said that he wanted to stay with his wife at home. You just go with me! Just take it as a trip to relax. "

"Okay! Call me at night! "

"OK!" Brian made a V gesture to the rest with a triumphant smile.

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