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   Chapter 309 Falling In Love At First Sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 6598

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Anger rose in Yana's heart. She turned around and was about to walk over to them, but a hand suddenly wrapped around her waist and took her to the front of the group of people. Looking at them who were gossiping behind their backs, he sneered, "It seems that there's something wrong with our company's rules! We offer you a generous salary, not to allow you to speak ill of others in the office hours! What's more, you were speaking ill of your boss! Let me tell you something. In the past, Yana was a signed star of Expected Film Company, and there was no difference between her identity and that of you. She was only an employee of Expected Film Company, but now, she is the Expected Film Company's boss' wife! What do you think she would do if you speak ill of her behind her back? "

The employees looked at each other and dared not to say a word.

Yana smiled, "Never mind. I'm not a mean person! Don't let me see you again in the company! I will soon forget all these things! "

Albert snapped his fingers and answered, "Very good! Notify the human resources department that these people are going to disappear from my sight! " As he spoke, he put his arm around Yana's waist and took her leave, leaving the rest behind.

Then they got into the car and Albert started the engine. Yana was sitting on the passenger seat. Feeling embarrassed and guilty, she said, "Albert, did I look really hateful just now? Did I look like a devil? Do you think that...? I have a cruel side too. "

"How could that be? This is what a powerful and charming wife should be like! " Turning his head to look at her twisted face, he couldn't help laughing and said, "Well, don't think too much about it. No matter what happens to you, you are always the perfect Yana in my heart! You are going to be an old lady if you keep thinking that! These guys dared to bully my woman. If I gave vent to my anger, I don't know how would I torture them? So you saved their lives! You are

e you doing here? Come on! "

As Yana was still wearing her make-up, her hands couldn't move freely. Christine held her hands and sat beside her, smiling, "How is it? On such an important occasion today, do you feel nervous? Did you have insomnia last night? "

"Insomnia? I was exhausted. How could I have energy to lose sleep?"

"You were exhausted? Oh my God, my brother was so... Didn't he know today is a formal occasion? How could he... Puff——But to be honest, is my brother very powerful? "

"Hey, you are his sister! Don't you feel shy? "

"Why should I feel shy? Tell me! I used to know that my elder brother was very powerful in B country. There were so many women in C City who chased after him crazily! Even if my brother just glanced at them, they would tremble with excitement! "

"You are so... Stop asking such a boring question! "

"All right, all right. I won't ask you anymore! Look at you, still shy! Tell me, are you nervous today? "

"Of course I am! I'm so afraid that I'll make mistakes. That's so embarrassing! If so many media reporters take photos of me when I am embarrassed, I will be more embarrassed! "

"Don't worry, you have my elder brother by your side, you will definitely live a safe and sound night! My elder brother has a good on site adaptability! Don't worry! "

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