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   Chapter 308 Falling In Love At First Sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 6768

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Yana walked out and went to the top of the building to relax. Not until she got to the rooftop did she realize how marvelous the scenery was! Although she had been being a signed actor in the Expected Film Company before, she had been busy filming from the beginning and had never come up to see it. She didn't expect that it would be another world of idyllic beauty!

Walking in a green world, Yana stretched her limbs and breathed fresh air comfortably. Standing beside the railing, she opened her arms and smiled with satisfaction. She put down her hands and put them on the railing. Looking at the traffic flow downstairs, her heart suddenly felt empty. She could see that those people were so busy every day, for survival, for the sake of family live a happier life. They all have their own dreams, but what about her dream? Where did she throw it?

Yana knew she didn't want to do this, but if she didn't do it, she would not calm down and she would never live well. But if she had finished her task, how could she deal with it?

Just as she was in a dilemma, her phone suddenly rang. Yana took out her phone. It was from Ellis. She took a deep breath and answered, "Hello, Ellis, what's up?"

"I have seen all the news today. Did you do that, Yana?" Ellis looked at the news on the computer in front of him and said, "Yana, the Cheng family has been in C City for so many years. No one can stop them from doing anything they want, and even the FBI cannot find out the truth that they want to hide. Yana, do you want to destroy a person so much? "

"Ellis, as you said, even FBI can't find out what the Cheng family wants to conceal. I'm just an ordinary little woman. How can I find out what the Cheng family doesn't want others to know? But there must be traces left. It's possible to find out. There had been so many people who had been familiar with Albert and Betty that year. It was impossible that they had bribed them all and all of them will keep silent! The Cheng family was a big family with

alk, having no connection with the entertainment industry at all. But why did he suddenly become a contract artist? And you see, as soon as she signed this contract, the music of the TV series and movies are loved by many people. Something must be wrong! How about now? Am I right? She really has a relationship with Mr. Albert! Or else how could Mr. Albert risk his life to ask Mrs. Bella to show up in the first movie of Yana? "

"But at last, Yana was kicked out of the company."

"That's why I said she's smart! Even if she was fired, she still worked as the wife of the CEO! Only a fool would let go of such a strong patron! She must have done everything she could to get Mr. Albert back! Have a look at how skillful she is. Through pregnancy and miscarriage, she defeated his real girlfriend at once. "

"But was that Betty Mo really the girlfriend of Mr. Albert?"

"Think about it. Betty Mo is a top student graduated from a senior school and enjoys a great reputation in the world. She and Mr. Albert are a good match! It was just that her means were not as effective as that of Yana, so she had no choice but to be defeated! Haven't you seen how cunning Yana is? Now I don't think that Betty who was slandered by Betty dare to go out! She's clearly a mistress, but she drove Betty into a corner. Tell me, can't you say she is skillful? "

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