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   Chapter 305 Falling In Love At The First Sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 7171

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"I believe in the brotherhood between you! Because I had a younger brother. When he was alive, we had been living together since we were very young. When he had died, I really felt that the world had collapsed and the life was meaningless. I know clearly how deep the love between you, so I understand how close you are! Christine, you have your brother in your heart, so does your brother. Okay, don't think too much. We will all support your decision. Don't worry. We are all the same! "

"I see. Just tell my fourth elder brother and let him rest assured."

"Yes. Then... We have rested enough. Let the driver take our things back before we go to Health Club. "

"Okay! I'll call the driver. " Christine smiled and called the driver. At this time, Yana's phone also rang.

Yana caught a glimpse of the caller ID and glanced at Christine. Then, she answered the phone, "Hello, what's up?"

"Yana, haven't you read today's news? What happened yesterday was spread everywhere. You were a mistress, and there was a piece of news that Albert was an unfaithful man. I guess the stock price of Ricky International Group will decrease a lot today! But your reprimand is very favorable. The news of the plagiarism of Betty is spreading everywhere. I guess she may give you a fatal blow on your business, but your reprimand has made her unable to stay in the jewelry design industry anymore! But the media's comments on you were not good either. They all said that you were a mistress or forced to be a lady. What do you think about this matter? "

"Whatever the media say, it doesn't matter. Have you prepared the information you collected and the articles I asked you to write?"

"Don't worry. I have gotten everything ready! I found something interesting in the bar these days, and I took some pictures. I'll send you some of them later. Remember to check your mailbox. "

"Okay, I know."

"Then... When will you release them? "

"I want everyone see this thing on the headline tomorrow when they wake up! Before our engagement ceremony, do not let Betty and Albert know anything about it. Otherwise, everything will be out of

you with me every day! "

"How about I going to work with you tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow?" He frowned and thought for a while, and said, "Okay! Tomorrow morning I'll go to the Expected Film Company to review it. Your film will be shown in the Spring Festival, and it'll be played four days after our engagement. You can go to the production studios to have a look! "

"Okay!" Yana said excitedly, but a moment later, she looked at Albert dejectedly and said, "You know what? I thought you had hidden this movie! I thought that we were separated, and I irritated you again. This movie couldn't be shown on the stage! "

"How could that be? Even if not for you, I'll do it for my mother! My mother had given up the old business for ten years. It was her first movie after that, and our company had spent billions on this movie. If we don't show it on TV, it's not only a big loss for our company, but also my father will definitely punish me! I asked my mother out without my dad's permission and my father was so angry that he almost killed me. My mother went to such a remote mountain area to shoot for such a long time and she had endured so much hardship. If it won't be shown on TV, my father would really kill me! "

"Oh, so you keep this movie because you are afraid that your father will punch you? I thought you keep it for me. " Yana angrily stared at Albert and gave him a heavy slap on the chest. "Albert, you bastard!"

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