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   Chapter 302 Falling In Love At First Sight

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After he heard what Albert said, Brian became speechless. He opened his mouth but couldn't say anything. Finally, he had to curl his lips and say, "I won't go to work, won't go! Don't try to threaten me with your identity of CEO. I'm a shareholder, and I have more shares than you! I can also be a CEO if I want! Humph! "

Putting down the glass of water in his hand, Albert sat at the end of the sofa and said with a faint smile, "That's great! So why don't you just come back and be the CEO? As I'm going to get engaged and get married recently, isn't it too much for me to ask for a marriage leave? We have to go on our honeymoon after we ask for leave, and we need to prepare for giving birth to a child then. I guess we can't take care of the company's affairs in a year or a half year or more. Brian, since you are so capable and passionate, why don't you come to the company and let me take a rest? "

"Well... Well... Well... Well... Mom, aunt, have you cooked yet? Let me help you! " Brian quickly turned over from the sofa and ran into the kitchen.

Sitting on the sofa and watching Brian's receding figure, Albert couldn't help laughing.

Jacob asked, "How's your work? Although the work in the company is very important, you don't have to do everything yourself. There are a lot of capable staff under your leadership. Even if you don't work in the company for one year, nothing will happen in the company! So you should have come back for dinner more often! Your mother is good at cooking and your three elder brothers all like it. Only you don't often try the food cooked by your mother! "

Albert nodded and said, "I see."

Looking up at Albert, Jacob was slightly surprised that he didn't yell when he heard the word 'mom' this time!

Of course, Albert also noticed his expression. He smiled and nodded at him without saying anything.

The dinner was ready around twelve o'clock. Albert went upstairs to call Yana to come downstairs for dinner, and the others started to set the table excitedly. After a short while, Albert carried Yana downstairs. When Alice saw Yana, sh

rought Yana upstairs to have a rest. The others were talking and laughing downstairs. After a while, the room became quiet. It was time to go to work, or go to the kindergarten, or go to prepare the engagement party. So there was a lot of silence in the room.

Yana lay in the bed quietly. Somehow, she felt as if Albert had walked out of the room and the door was shut behind him. Feeling drowsy, Yana opened her eyes and took a look at the clock. It was still early. When she was about to lie down and continue to sleep, she heard several voices outside the door, which seemed to be arguing about something.

Yana struggled to her feet and walked quietly to the door. Through the crack of the door, Yana could see the shadow of Albert and Christine, but she could hear their extremely depressed voice clearly.

"Albert, even if you don't help me, you can't stop me! You helped me so many times in the past. Why can't you help me this time? "

"But things are different this time! You'd better think twice! In the past, I could disobey father and help you, but I had no regret even if I was punished by father, who had beaten me black and blue. I knew that you were happy, so whatever I had suffered was worth it! But this time, not only father disapproved, but all of our family members were against it! That's enough to prove that it's not as simple as you think! Can you stop being so naughty? "

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