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   Chapter 296 Falling In Love At First Sight

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"Ah!" When the two of them fell to the ground at the same time, Albert groaned and frowned. Yana got up in a hurry. She helped Albert up nervously and asked, "Albert, are you okay? Did it hurt your leg? I'm so sorry! I was too careless! Are you okay? Do you need to go to the hospital? "

Yana was so anxious that she was about to cry. However, she didn't know where to start, so she could only hang her hand and look at the expression on his face. Without answering Yana's question, Albert held Yana tightly in his arms and said smilingly, "It doesn't matter. I don't feel pain! As long as you are not angry with me, I will do anything for you! "

"Albert, you are such a bastard! Do you know how scared I was? You just bully me! "

Holding Yana in his arms, Albert couldn't help laughing out when he heard her crying. Suddenly, a magnificent sports car pulled over by the roadside. The window was rolled down slowly. Brian took off his sunglasses and whistled. "Wow, what is Albert doing on the ground? Aren't you afraid of catching a cold? Get up now! "

As soon as he finished his words, Albert glared at him angrily. However, when he saw Yana present, and Albert was a cripple now, Brian was not afraid of him anymore, and he teased, "Oh, I forget. The hero Albert was crippled in order to save the damsel in distress! How could you sit on the snow, since your legs were not fully recovered? You might get sick again if you got cold! Come here. I'm going home too. Let me give you a ride! "

"Okay!" When he was about to turn him down, Yana answered before he did. She grinned wickedly and said, "Brian, I'm not strong enough, but you're stronger. Please help me get him into the car!"

"Great! I'm glad to do that!" Brian opened the door and got out. Yana walked around the car and got in. Brian walked up to Albert, squatted down, and poked his leg with his finger. He was in such a good mood that he shouted, "Ah! I didn't expect that the arrogant Mr. Albert would come to this! Let me hold you into the car. "

Looking at Brian fiercely, Albert gritted his teeth and said, "I can't lose my dignity!" Brian, the man he always bullied, held him into the car? He would rather be killed!

"We are brothers. What does it matter? Besides, I also hugged you when you were a child. Don't be so formal with me! Come on,

. "

"Who else could I blame? Mom said she wouldn't have another baby, but you insisted! See, now I have a new enemy? It really ticks me off! I should have thrown him into the sea to feed the shark when he was a child, so that I wouldn't be so upset now! Why can't I get along well with Albert? "

"But you have to know, if not for Albert, how can you be so relaxed now? It's because you're stupid and we know that you're useless. That's why we gave birth to Albert and let him took over the business. Otherwise, if you had managed the company. Our company should have gone bankrupt! "

"Ahem!" Brian was annoyed by his father's words and asked, "Father, am I really your own son?"

Jacob nodded thoughtfully and said, "I think it needs further investigation! Even if you ask me now, I'm not sure! You see, Davis, Moore and Albert are all elites in all walks of life, and even Alice had been showing her supreme cleverness when she was young. As for the reason why you are so stupid, I think Moore should take you to the research institute to research your genes! "

"I completely agree with you!" Moore replied and tried not to laugh.

"Wow, wow, you are all bullying me! How could I be stupid? After all, I'm also a kind of bachelor's degree holder. "

"It only proves that your genes are very common, and it can't compare with the great genes of our family! Davis was popular when he was a teenager, and Moore had been a leader in his industry when he was a teenager. You are just too weak! " Jacob bluntly cracked down Brian's confidence.

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