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   Chapter 294 Falling In Love At First Sight

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Hannah smiled sweetly in her husband's arms and said, "I want to thank you, honey! If it weren't you that loves me so much and make money so hard, how could I and Alice live such a happy life? "

"Well. Could you please not play such a sweet scene in front of me? I'm still alive! " Looking at the couples who were displaying their affection in front of them, Brian felt his stomach was going to burst out!

However, Stella hit his head with chopsticks and said, "Why are you so stupid? You two elder brothers are different. You and Albert are only one year apart. You see, Albert is going to get married. When can you get a serious girlfriend for me? "

"Mom, I work in the entertainment industry. It's not easy to meet a good girl. Don't worry. I'll find it myself. "

"Well, Albert is not in the entertainment industry. How could he find such a beautiful star? In my opinion, there must be something wrong with you! I warn you, if you fail to find a reliable girlfriend at the end of this year and take her home, then get out of here immediately. I don't want to see you again! "

Hearing that, Brian immediately put his fingers in front of his chest and calculated, "Mom, which year do you refer to? The end of the lunar calendar? Or the end of the lunar calendar?"

"What do you think?" Stella stretched out her hand to hit Brian which made him run as far as he could.

"We will take care of all the matters related to the engagement of Albert and Yana. We will discuss with you about the details of every day and make the final decision. So our only task for you is to recover quickly before the engagement ceremony. After that, you can get engaged as soon as possible!" Bella clapped her hands and said, "Yana, you don't need to worry about it. The dress for your engagement day is in the charge of the Rainbow studio. The A-N Group had heard about our family's wedding. They have already taken jewelry design into consideration. Then they will show you the pictures, and you can choose it by yourself! Nothing else for you to worry about. Now that Christine and your two sister-in-laws are there, please don't worry! "

"Yes, I'm at ease that you had arranged everything for me. It's just that you're tired because of the physical reasons of the two of us. We are so sorry for that! " Yana said with a smile.

The others waved their hands and said, "Don't say that again. We are a family. It's what a family should do! "

"Thank you all!" Yana said thank you to them. The family cheered and drunk happily.

When they left, it was very late. After Yana took a shower, she let Albert go into the bathroom. The room became very quiet all of a sudden. Yana lay on the bed quietly thinking about what Bella had said today. She had asked A-N Group to design the jewelries for their engagement. She didn't know which designer Ellis would ask to do this. She had to ask whoever it was!

Yana took out her phone and called Ellis, who answered the phone in a short time. Yana said in a low voice, "Hey, I heard that the jewelry I engaged to is sponsored by your company, right?"

After a moment's silence on the other end of the phone, Ellis said, "Yana, have you really decided to be engaged to Albert?"

"Yeah, I've told you that long before. Have you forgotten?"

"But... Yana, I don't want you to play with fire! You have already known that your brother's death has nothing to do with Albert. Or do you really fall in love with him? You have set up a path for yourself and you have decided to change your feelings towards him? "

"Ellis, if I tell you that I have decided to change my mind and take the path I have set, will you support me?"

Hearing that, Ellis could not help but smile. He changed the hand to hold the phone and asked, "What do you want me to say?"

"Yes, you don't know how to answer this question. So do I! But I know that the path I'm going to take is still in my plan and I haven't beyond it! Tell me, is the jewelry designer of my jewelry called Betty this time? "

Ellis shook his head and denied, "There's no fixed designer in the jewelry design for your engagement ceremony. I'm going to let them have an initial exam. But Betty also participated in the program. Her professional level is very high. It is very likely that she will win! "

"Really? Ellis, I have an idea! Since this time's jewelry design is related to my wedding, I want to work out the design style. Then I can know which one I like best! I don't want to be confronted with a large quantity of jewelry that I can't choose. "

"Okay! Then think about

oice. Betty sat between them, smirking proudly. She certainly knew what they were talking about, it was the words she had just said downstairs! Yana, even if you are going to get married, I'll put the word "mistress" on your face and make you a home wrecker even if you marry a rich man!

She wondered what Yana would do if the news came out! She would definitely run to tears of sadness, wouldn't she? 'Just cry as you wish! I will be happy only if you cry! You deserve all of these!'

All of a sudden, the door of the conference room was pushed open with a big force, interrupting Betty's thoughts. Hearing that, everybody raised their heads to look to the direction of the door. They saw Yana and Ellis walking into the conference hall together and sitting on the main seats.

Ellis said, "Is everyone here? You should know that this matter is not arranged by me. It's an order from Mr. Hardy An, who is the CEO of the headquarters of A-N Group in Country B! The jewelry and accessories that Albert and Miss Yana would wear for the engagement ceremony would be handled by the branch company of A-N Group in A Country! It's a great opportunity for our branch company. We don't know how influential Ricky International is in C City. And their engagement ceremony will also be an intangible publicity to our company. If we do well and make the beautiful bride be the focus, our products will also be the focus! So the first prize would be awarded by both Ricky International and A-N Group as a bonus of 100000 dollars! So I hope everyone can maximize your imagination and design the most perfect jewelry. "

"Wow, one hundred thousand dollars!" The whole design team gave a gasp of admiration neatly.

Ellis added, "Next, Miss Yana will announce the theme of the design!"

Standing up with a smile, Yana raised the Kraft bag in her hand and said, "The topic is in this bag, I had thought it hard. I hope my engagement ceremony can be a little special, so this time I'll choose a relatively cold style, not the same style as before. I hope you can reverse the thinking! " After saying that, Yana opened the bag and took out the paper, on which there was a title. Then she slowly turned to them.

Everyone stared at the words on the paper with widened eyes, taking a deep breath.

Yana noticed that they all froze. She smiled and said, "You didn't see it wrong. It's sorrow! Because people often said that marriage was the tomb of love, so one is about to jump into the tomb of love if he is going to get married. But I hope that you can design the grave of marriage for a fantastic feeling! I suppose it won't be a problem for you, the excellent designers of the city, to do the work? Of course, I will also participate, because I'm the one who proposes the topic! I'm not as good as you guys, I'm just an amateur. But I don't wish a layman like me to win the prize! You are all the elites of A-N Group. I hope you can design jewels that will satisfy me! We have plenty of time. You can think about it carefully! " After that, Yana sat down calmly.

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