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   Chapter 290 Falling In Love At First Sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 6515

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"Mother, we have to wait until Yana wakes up. I want to get her consent instead of forcing her. So we'd better not talk about it now. " Albert's words were full of respect and accommodation to Yana. These words were so harsh for Betty, which almost made her cry! Albert had never been so gentle to her. Even when they were in love, he was still doing things in his own way, and he didn't care about others' feelings. She was the one who compromised for him.

She didn't expect that Yana could change him so much! This cold-blooded and ruthless man could be turned into a gentle man who could show such tenderness! She was afraid that this side of him would only be shown to Yana, but to others, he would still be cold-blooded and ruthless as usual.

In the bar at midnight, Betty drank one glass of wine after another. She no longer knew how much wine she had drunk. At this moment, the only thing she wanted to do was get drunk, get drunk severely and then wake up to make all this a dream!

Why? Why did the dream she had stuck in for so many years collapse like this? Why? Why could this poor girl Yana attach herself to Albert while she could not? 'Yana, who do you think you are! Why do you have to compete with me for Albert? What makes you think you can do that?'

"Ah...!" Betty slammed the glass on the ground crazily. Then she picked up the bottle of wine and poured it into her mouth. 'Yana, I won't let you get your wish. I won't!' she swore inwardly.

After drinking a large mouthful of wine, suddenly, her back was patted gently by a palm. In a daze, she turned her head, only to see the figure of Sammy shaking and overlapping. Betty looked at him with her hand on her forehead and said, "You're finally here! Didn't you say that you could kill that woman? What was going on? She's all right. She's going to marry Albert! "

Sammy was also in a rage. He sat down next to Betty and said, "Didn't you say that Albert would su

was filled with the sound of murmurs of Betty.

The next morning, when Yana had woken up, she grabbed Albert's hand and cried, "Albert, Albert, are you okay? I'm scared to death! You scared me! "

Before she fainted, she clearly remembered that Albert was covered with blood. At this moment when she saw him in front of her, her tears completely collapsed and poured out.

Heartbroken, Albert embraced her tightly in his arms and said, "Silly girl, do you only love me in your heart? Can't you think for yourself? Do you know how worried I am for you during these days when you were asleep? Yana, you are such a fool! "

"Albert, I'm really scared! Do you know how scared and worried I was when I saw you didn't fight back and let them hit you without even standing up? You are the big fool! Why were you there? Why did you let them hit you like that? I'm just an orphan with no relatives. Why are you torturing yourself for me? If I died, nobody would miss me. But if you died, do you know how many people would be sad for you? You are such a fool! Why did you do that? "

"Although you have no parents, who says no one will be sad for you if you die? I will be sad, I will be sad, I will not live! Yana, you are the most important person in my life. I can give up everything except you! "

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