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   Chapter 288 Falling In Love At First Sight

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When his fist was about to hit on Albert's face, Albert's figure quickly flashed and he dodged in an instant. Yana heaved a long sigh of relief. All of a sudden, she felt that her body was falling down sharply. She was startled and shouted. When Albert was about to run over, they stopped him.

The boss suddenly waved his hand. The men immediately seized the rope. And Yana was less than a meter away from the ground, hanging in the air.

Yana was so close to the ground that she could hardly breathe. She took a deep breath. Albert breathed a sigh of relief, looked up at the boss and said, "What do you want to do? Stop beating around the Bush! "

"I don't want to do anything. I just want to make you suffer and kneel down in front of us! Don't you always think you are the big boss in C City? Haven't you always been very awesome? Hit him hard! " As soon as the gang leader gave the order, those men immediately surrounded Albert to fight him. However, as soon as Albert got ready to fight, the leader hit Yana with the stick. It was so painful that Yana cried out and almost passed out.

As soon as Albert heard it, he immediately stopped. He frowned and roared, "What the hell do you want to do?"

"Nothing. But if you hurt any of my men, I'll slash this beautiful woman's face, or even stab her! So Mr. Albert, you'd better think it! "

Yana felt pain all over her body, but she still raised her head to look at Albert. "Leave me alone, please! They brought me here to lure you out and torture you. Just leave me alone. Hurry up! "

"Yana, I won't leave. If they have to torture someone, I won't let you stay here alone to be tortured by them. I'd rather they torture me!" After he finished speaking, he turned to those people and said, "Well, I won't hit them. You can do whatever you want!"

"Haha! It seems that this girl is really important to you! " The leader pinched Yana's beautiful face and turned his head. "Beat him to death!" his voice was as cold as ice.

As soon as the gang leader gave the order, all the other gang members swarmed up to him. They swung their sticks to hit him together. At the beginning, Albert could hold on, but he gave a little groan as a result. Later, he faintly fell on the ground after being hit on his leg.


o afraid that he was going to die. In order to let my fourth elder brother leave, she bumped into the dagger of those gangsters. Later, the house exploded. My fourth elder brother jumped out with Yana in his arms, and he was hit by the impact... "

Carter slapped hard on the armrest of the wheelchair and commanded, "Go to investigate right now! Teach them a hard lesson after finding them out! How could this kind of thing happen in my family's territory? I can't believe my family was hurt like this. Moreover, it is Albert that be hurt! I think those people really don't want to live! Brian, ask someone to investigate this right now! "

"Uncle Carter, we'd better talk about it after Albert wakes up. Besides, the police have intervened. If we do it without permission, it will cause unnecessary trouble! "

"Yes! We should wait for Albert to wake up! " Jacob agreed with Brian.

"I didn't expect Yana to be so loyal about Albert. She could even sacrifice her own life for Albert! Sister, I think this girl is really good. She and Albert are in true love. I don't want to let Albert continue to drag on. After all, Betty will always become a trouble when she stays with him! So I think we'd better hold the wedding for them as soon as possible. The longer we delay, the more likely we will have a problem! "

"Now is not the time to talk about it! We will talk about this after Albert recovers. " With her eyes red from crying, Stella crossed her hands and said devoutly, "God, please bless Albert. Please bless him!"

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