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   Chapter 286 Falling In Love At First Sight

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With the existence of Lewis, all the streets in C City were immediately controlled by them. The police quickly blocked all the intersection and began to check the cars one by one.

As soon as the minibus driver saw a roadblock in front of them, he immediately stopped the car at a corner that could not be seen. As a result, he spat severely, "Fuck! What a bad luck! The Cheng family is so powerful and all the policemen are here now. What should we do now? "

"What else can we do? Now that we have taken her back, even if we return her to Albert, he won't let us go! Now we are in a dilemma! Seize the opportunity to rush over! "


They stared straight ahead. The man on the driver's seat tapped the steering wheel rhythmically, as if calculating the time.

At this moment, two young girls, whose hands and feet were tied, were placed in the space board specially designed for the car. The female reporter was frightened to tremble. She whispered with a sobbing voice, "What should we do? What should we do? Will we die? "

"Don't think too much! I will figure it out! There seems to be the sound of police siren outside. It must be Albert, who had found me missing, so he called the police. You can rest assured that we will be safe! " Frowning, Yana tried to think of a way. She wanted to turn over, but the space was too small for her to do that!

"What should we do? Now even if we call for help, the police won't hear us. And if we scream, they will hear and will kill us. " The female reporter couldn't help but cry out loud. The more she thought about it, the more frightened she was. She had never been kidnapped in all these years! It was the first time that she met this. How could she not be afraid?

Yana didn't answer her, but continued to think of a solution. Suddenly, she felt the car sped slowly. It seemed that it was ready for the security check when it stopped. Yana could almost hear the police officer's voice. He asked the driver for the driver's license, then a few people came to check it. Someone opened the trunk and the car was started again.

She closed her eyes in despair. She knew it would come to this! She had to depend on herself now! As a result, she kicked her feet madly as if she had made up her mind. Because she was wearing high heels, the sharp point of the high heels rubbed through the skin on her legs, and then blood meande

men chased after Yana closely. But soon, Yana lost all of her strength and fell to the ground. Her clothes were torn to pieces by the branches, and blood had stained them. The men immediately caught her when she fell.

One of the men walked up to her and slapped her hard in the face. He was out of breath and said, "Run! Run again! Why do you stop? Take her back, and then teach her a lesson! "

Those men took her back. However, when they walked to the edge of the cliff, they couldn't find the female reporter. One of them asked, "Boss, what should we do? That woman ran away! "

"Send two men to chase her. It's none of your business if you still can't find her. After all, what we want is this woman. She is nobody!"

"Okay!" As soon as he finished his words, two men ran down to chase the female reporter. Yana was taken forward by them. She turned her head to look at the foot of the cliff and murmured silently, "Please save me, please..."

The female reporter ran so fast that she even didn't care about her foot. She accidentally rolled down the hill. As a result, she fell down to the road. Several superior cars braked sharply and stopped beside the female reporter. In the car, Albert, Lewis and others immediately came down to surround her.

"Hello, miss, are you okay?" Lewis asked, shaking the girl in his arms.

The female reporter raised her eyes faintly and saw the familiar face that she hated to the core. But now she didn't want to think it anymore, so she exhausted all her strength and said, "Lewis, go and save... Save Yana! She was... She was on the mountain... "

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