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   Chapter 285 Love At The First Sight

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But because there were too many people, the assistant used all her strength to make out a way. As a result, a reporter was pushed to the ground by accident, and in an instant, she was stepped by someone else who was not able to dodge.

The female reporter gave a short exclamation and concealed her voice quickly. While Yana and Albert were waiting at the roadside, they saw the reporter being pushed to the ground. Yana walked over to the reporter and held up her swollen hand. "Are you all right?" she asked.

Without raising her head, the female reporter shook her head and left quickly. Yana was a little startled to see the girl's receding figure, but soon she smiled and walked over to Albert. An off-road vehicle stopped by the roadside. Lewis sat in the car and said hello with a smile, "Mr. Albert, I didn't expect you would do that! It's such a happy day. Will you treat us to a drink? "

"Okay! Wait for my elder brother! "

Yana walked up to Albert, but he grabbed her hand and said, "Why are you so silly? Don't you know that stars and paparazzi are born against each other? Why are you still helping her? "

"Yes, it's true that she's a paparazzo and she's taking pictures of me, but we're both working! What's more, we are all women. Why should women be difficult to women? So I just went to help her! But I feel that female reporter is a little strange. It seems that she is afraid that we find her. Did she offend any of you, or is she avoiding any of you? "

"Avoiding?" He looked at the direction where the voice came from and found no one there. He didn't notice it at first. But now after hearing Yana's words, he suddenly felt that the woman looked like someone. Was it really her?

"Hey, Albert, what are you thinking?" Yana said discontentedly, "Did you think of your lover again? You are so absorbed! Humph! "

Regaining his composure, he put on a smile and held her in his arms. "How could it be? How come I have so many lovers? You're the only one I love my whole life! Yana, don't be jealous anymore! "

"I'm not jealous? No way! " Yana pushed him away impatiently. "Wait for me here. I need to go to the bathroom first." she said.

"Do you need me to go with you?"

"Don't be so sentimental. I just want to go to the bathroom! Just wait for me here. I'll be back in two minutes! Wait for me!

f his throat. He took out his phone and called Lewis right away, "Hello, Lewis! Bad news! Yana is lost!"

Sitting cross legged in the car, Lewis was shocked by his words. He sat up immediately and asked, "What did you say? How could she be lost? Listen to me now, check the surveillance video immediately to find clues! "

"Okay, I get it!" As soon as Albert hung up the phone, he ran to the monitor room. After that, Lewis also rushed to the monitor room with Brian.

The security guard quickly showed the monitoring video to them, and the three of them carefully watched the video around the computer. They saw some masked and black men carrying two big bags out. They put the bags into the car and drove away.

"It must be Yana! But how could that be? Did she offend anyone here? How could she be kidnapped? "

"Now is not the time to talk about it! We have to find a way to save her as soon as possible! Unfortunately, she didn't bring her phone with her today. Otherwise, we could locate them according to the GPS! I'll call them to block all the roads now! " As soon as Lewis finished his words, he took out his mobile phone and called the police office. He whispered for a while and hung up the phone. Then he turned to Albert and said, "Now we have no clue at all. We can only wait quietly!"

"Wait! I don't know why those men want to catch Yana! If it was not for fortune and lust, she would have no choice but to die! If I catch them, I will cut them into pieces! " Albert was very angry. At this moment, he really wanted to kill those bastards!

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