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   Chapter 284 Falling In Love At First Sight

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The host gave a mysterious smile and said, "Let's wait and see! I want to leave you a little suspense! Please wait on the stage for a while. " Then the host left, leaving Yana alone on the stage, who was uneasily and looking at so many people under the stage nervously.

All of a sudden, the lights on the stage were turned off. But the screen was still on. Yana raised her head and saw rose petals and colored bubbles flying around, creating a very romantic atmosphere. All the people below were whistled fanatically. Even Yana was surprised!

It was Leila's solo called fate. Yana was shocked. She wondered who would sing this song for her at such a grand occasion.

She waited anxiously before the singing part came. A gentle and soft voice suddenly sounded and then he started to sing the song. The voice sounded so familiar. Wasn't it just Albert's voice? But... How could he be here?

Moved, Yana stood on the stage. Although she couldn't see the man's face clearly, she could tell who he was. Tears welled up in her eyes all of a sudden. The lights were turned on gradually. Yana stood there, watching the man becoming clearer and clearer. She was crying so bitterly that she picked up the microphone and sang the song with Albert.

The note was finished slowly. The two people stood face to face on the stage. Tears rolled down from Yana's face, but she was wearing a happy smile. It was the first time for Albert to sing in public. He knew his own advantages. His mother once wanted him to enter the entertainment circle, but he refused. He didn't like the feeling of being photographed in the limelight. However he was very good at singing. But he felt heartbroken when he saw Yana's tears.

Standing there and looking at her, he smiled and said, "Are you so sad to see me?"

Yana turned tears into smiles.

Heaving a sigh of relief, Albert said, "Yana, I have been thinking about that for a long time. Of course, I didn't come up with such a plan until I knew that you are the Best New Artist. I want to be the first award giver in your life. I haven't met so many firsts in your life. I hope I could be with you this time! "

The ceremony host held the trophy and walked

on earth is your relationship going? "

"This is our private affair. I don't have to tell you!"

"Mr. Albert, please say something! Tell anything about it please? "

Albert grinned, grabbed Yana's hand and led her out. The journalists were dying to get an answer from him, but he still kept silence. The reporters came to Brian and asked, "Mr. Brian, what's your opinion on the relationship between Mr. Albert and Miss Yana?"

"Although we are brothers, but the emotional matters belong to personal privacy. Albert doesn't want to talk about it, but you are here to stop me! Come on! If I say something, I'll be strangled by Albert after I go back! " With a funny face, Brian made a face and said, "So you'd better not ask me about it."

"Then, do your families object to their being together?"

"Our whole family is on good terms! After all, it's a matter of them. As long as they feel good to be together, we will not object to it! Yana is a nice girl. I hope you all take it easy. "

"Isn't this a traditional Cinderella Story?"

"Is Yana Cinderella?" Raising his eyebrows, Brian laughed and said, "If Albert heard this, he might disgrace you! In Albert's eyes, even ten princesses can't compare with Yana! "

"It seems that your family is very satisfied with this future Mrs. Cheng! When are they going to hold the wedding? "

"I don't know. You have to ask them about it." Brian smiled and asked his assistant to clear the way as he walked to his car.

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