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   Chapter 280

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Yana nodded slightly and sneered, "You're not that stupid. You know I didn't come here for a simple purpose... But what could I do? Albert loves me now. He is willing to be used by me! 'Betty, now you know what is the pain of losing everything? The reason why you took such a big risk to come back from abroad was that you wanted to be with him once again some day? I broke your dream. Are you disappointed? "

"Yana, I don't get it. Since you don't love him, why don't you let him go? Why do you have to set yourself against me? "

"Betty, don't you know why I did this? Have you forgotten how my brother died? "

Apparently, Betty didn't expect that Yana would say such words. She was stunned, but soon calmed down. She said in panic, "What nonsense are you talking about? What does your brother's death have to do with me? "

"Really? If you didn't come to my house and say those words to stimulate my brother and make him have a heart attack, how could he die? " Yana lowered her voice and hissed, "Betty, do you think I will let a murderer go free and even marry into a wealthy family as the lady? No way! "

"Yana, don't talk nonsense about things without evidence! I finally understand why you choose to stay with him! I'm telling him now that you don't love him at all. He's just a tool for you to take revenge on me! Do you know how he would feel when he knew all this? What will he do to you? "

"Betty, do you think why I told you all these? Yes, if I don't have any evidence and you tell these to him, he will definitely believe you. And he might be sad because I lied to him and drive me away from his side. But now I have told you everything. Don't you think I have any evidence? What do you think he will do with you if I tell him that you are the one who killed my brother? "

"What... Do you have any evidence to prove it was me? "

"Since you don't believe me, then you can go and tell Albert. By then, you will know whether I have evidence or not! We all fail at the worst. You can't stay with him, neither can I. That's all! "

Hearing that, Betty was in a cold sweat all over. "Then why don't you tell Albert that I am the murderer of your brother? "She asked.

"What's the meaning of doi

too much, and I love her very much, because she made me want to have a happy family. And we will have a happy family too. Yana has too many injuries, I don't want you to be the biggest gap between us. So I hope you can go back. Don't pin your hope on me. "

"Albert, do you know how hard I have been living in Niger these years? I have been monitored day and night by someone dispatched by your parents. I have been living in darkness. My only courage to live is to believe that you still love me or care about me, so no matter how much I have suffered, I am willing to stick to it! I came back at the risk of my own life. I thought you would be very happy to welcome me back, but I was wrong again! I lost to Yana, to the woman who is reduced to a beggar! Why can't I compete with her? What on earth did I do wrong? "

Seeing her tearful cries, he still felt a little sad. After all, she used to be his woman. It was indeed a little cruel to her, but what could he do? What's past is past. He only cares about Yana now, no one can shake his heart!

"Betty, I know you feel terrible. But you have to accept it! Time has passed for so long. You should let it go now. You can say that I am very irresponsible. Although I didn't break up with you that year, do you still think that we can be together? Let go of me, please. Maybe you won't be so sad. I'll leave them here for you. Think about it. I need to use the bathroom. " Shooting her a glance, he stood up and went to the bathroom.

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