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   Chapter 278

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It was already dark after she woke up. She sat up lazily, put on a large men's bathrobe and went out. The whole office was very quiet. If someone hadn't knocked on the keyboard, she would have believed that there was no one in the office!

Yana walked to the desk and put her arm around his shoulder. She then rested her head on his neck and said in a sweet voice, "It's very late. Aren't you getting off work? "

As she was speaking, he reached out his hand to grab hers, and replied with a smile, "Yes, it has been a while! Besides, I am the boss. I can get off work as I like! If you hadn't been so sleepy, I would have run away long ago! "

"Then why didn't you wake me up? "

"I saw you sleeping so well, how could I wake you up? And I have some work on hand today. It was supposed to be done tomorrow, but you slept so well that you couldn't get up in a short time. So I finish it right away. What about now? Are you hungry again? Are you going to have dinner? "

"Do you think I'm a pig? I eat if I wake up and sleep if I'm full? "

"Then what are we going to do? "

"Well, let me think about it! " Yana was thinking about it with her head to one side. Suddenly, she said, "Let's go shopping! Don't drive. We can walk there by ourselves! "

"No problem! But even if we want to go shopping, first we need to fill our stomachs! So we need to have dinner first! Let's go! " As he spoke, he held Yana's hand and led her out. They didn't go to the parking lot, but went downstairs and walked to the restaurant opposite the street.

Along the way, a low-key man followed them, taking photos of their every move.

The two people finished their dinner very soon. Yana couldn't wait any longer. She took Albert's hand and walked towards the bustling street market not far away. Yana acted like a kid who was interested in everything. She just had some supper, but as soon as she arrived at a busy street and smelt the delicious food, she could not help but want to eat. She was excited to taste the food one by one, and besides, Albert who went shopping with her also ate a lot of junk food.

Rich people like Albert certainly didn't want to eat roadside snacks. But when he saw how excited Yana was, he didn't refuse her. So he decided to take all the food from Yana.

Suddenly, Yana bought another box of tempura, which wa

ed her back. Standing in front of Yana, he suddenly realized something and slapped his own head. "I'm a pig! Yana, don't be angry. It's all my fault. I shouldn't have taken you back to this place. Well, we won't stay here tonight. Tomorrow... No, I'll ask someone to prepare a house for us right now. And we'll move there tomorrow. It's getting late tonight. How about staying in the hotel opposite to blue water bay for one night? "

"I don't think it's a good idea. Now... Isn't it too dangerous for us to live in a hotel in this way? "

"You're right! How about we stay at the company for one more night? "

"…… " Yana turned around and took a glance at the Ricky International building standing not far away. He frowned and said, "But I can't move... "

"I'll carry you back! " Albert bent over and stood in front of Yana. Looking at his broad shoulders and gently lying on it, he immediately carried her and walked towards Ricky International. While walking, he joked, "Why are you so heavy? It was like... You look like a big pig right now! "

"Hey, if I'm a fat pig, then who are you? Are you a pig too? "

"Well... Ahem! "

"I really hate blue water bay, where you have too many memories. If possible, I hope that place will disappear thoroughly and never appear again! "

"Yana, don't be so violent! You are a lady! "

"Do you still want to stay there and continue meeting your first love? "

"…… Well, it shouldn't have appeared! I'll have it sold tomorrow! What do you think? "

"That sounds better... Albert, I seem to be hungry again... "

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