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   Chapter 271

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 10095

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"Even if I have to work hard with you from the very beginning, it's much better than staying there and taking care of a group of vain women! I will count on you for my whole life, Yana. Please don't let me starve to death! " Nancy said with a hopeful expression, holding Yana's arm.

Yana chuckled.

After a short while, Nancy left. Yana only sent her to the door, then she didn't say anything else. After closing the door, Yana reached out to pull out a bunch of gifts from her handbag. Indeed, she found something similar to a monitor inside. She then put the listener in her palm and sneered, 'I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! ' It was impossible for Nancy to quit her job and keep her company. It seemed that he had made every effort to watch her! I can't believe that you want to use a monitor! ' However, the priest climbs a foot, and the devil climbs ten feet! Do you think that I can be monitored with a monitor? You must be dreaming!

Yana pretended that she didn't know about the monitor. After putting the monitor in a bag, she turned around and threw it into the fridge behind her. Then she sat down in front of the computer desk and opened the web pages one after another, as if nothing had happened. After that, she let Ellis secretly ask his men to look for that yellow haired man...

Sitting in the office, Albert held the phone in his hand and made countless calls to Yana every day. But the probability of answering the phone was almost zero. Even if she accidentally caught the phone, it would only be a perfunctory answer before hanging up. He knew it was hard for Yana to forgive him, but he just couldn't let her go. Anyway, he was the one who made mistakes. If he couldn't even get her forgiveness, then he might have to miss her in his life.

No matter what happened, he had to break the barrier between him and Yana. Otherwise, he would lose her! He made up his mind that no matter how hard Yana refused him this time, he would make her come back to him. He would make her come back to him!

Having made up his mind, he stood up, grabbed the car key and walked outside. The secretary came in with a stack of documents in her hands, and when she saw that Albert was about to go out, she said in a hurry, "Mr. Albert, the meeting will begin at three o'clock in the afternoon. Here are the documents you are about to sign. Please sign here! "

He took up the pen and signed his name quickly. Then he put on his suit jacket and walked out while saying, "You may carry out the meeting as usual. Make the discussion results out and send them to my email. I will handle them later. Now I'm going out to deal with something. No matter who called, tell them that I'm not here. Remember, everyone calls, you tell them that I'm not here, not even my mother! "

"Yes, Mr. Albert! " The secretary bowed and watched him leave quickly. Then she turned around to convey his words.

While driving the car very fast, he suddenly saw a flower shop by the roadside. He slammed the brakes, g

in A Country is over now! So in fact, I don't have any requirements. Just as Aunt Jennifer said, as long as a good person can accompany me for a lifetime, I will be satisfied! So Mr. Jerry, I've told you everything about me. It's up to you! "

"Exactly! Mr. Jerry, what do you think? "

Jerry Kang had a quite gentle look. It was easy to tell that he was a scholar. Yana's words made him blush. "I came from the countryside. If I could marry a girl as beautiful as you, I would be proud of the Kang family. "

"So you two got on well with each other? All right! In my opinion, you'd better get settled as soon as possible! What do you think? " 、

Yana looked into Jerry Kang's eyes, which made him blush. Jerry Kang nodded, "It's up to you. "

"I... "

"No way! " Suddenly, a slap landed on the table in front of them. The three of them raised their heads in shock. They saw that Albert was running to them, panting. He bent over and stood in front of them, panting. After a short while, Albert grabbed hold of Yana's hand and was about to go out. But Yana struggled to slap him away, shouting, "Albert, what the hell do you want to do? What else do you want? Can you let me go? "

"What am I doing? I'd like to ask you what you are going to do? Yana, do you really want to get close to another man? I tell you, you are mine all your life. I won't allow you to leave me like this! "

"We are over, Albert! How long will it take for you to understand that we are over? In other words, we have never started our relationship. I'm just the toy you bought back and used to have fun. "

"Who said that I've had enough? I'm not done yet! "

"I'm sorry, but I have to reach my deadline. I have no obligation to play with you anymore! Can you leave me? Don't bother me any more? "

"No way! I'll follow you around for the rest of my life! Yana, you are mine. You will always be mine! "

"You are crazy! " Driven mad, Yana sat down again and said to Jerry Kang, "Please ignore him. He's just a maniac! "

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