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   Chapter 270

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 5961

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No one knew how long Yana had been crying. There was a pile of cigarette butts and cigarette ashes scattering outside Albert's car window. After he finished the last cigarette, he reached into his pocket for the cigarette. But there were no cigarettes. He looked up and found that Yana had wiped the tears off her face. Then she called a taxi and got in.

With his hands holding the steering wheel tightly, he frowned at the taxi which was driving slowly. He knew that Yana wouldn't call him to drive his car. She'd rather take a taxi, one that she didn't know, or a cab, in this wild mountain than a car that followed her...

He raised his left hand slightly to touch his aching forehead, gently massaging it, and then drove the car following the taxi unhurriedly. He followed the taxi all the way until he saw it stop in front of a cheap hotel.

He saw Yana get out of the car with her suitcases. Then she went into the room she booked and walked in with a heavy suitcase after taking the room card. Then he slowly took out his phone and made arrangement. After everything was set up, he didn't leave in a hurry. Instead, he sat in the car and saw that the light of that room was on and then it was turned off. After that, there was no more sound from then on. He sighed slightly and slowly drove away...

Hardly had he left the room when the curtain was suddenly opened. Standing in front of the window, Yana watched the car slowly driving away, an unreadable expression flashing in her eyes. She lowered her eyes with a heavy sigh and slowly closed the curtain. Then she opened the suitcase and took out her laptop and connected to the phone. Then she could hear a conversation.

The conversation was obviously the conversation between Betty and the yellow hair

ou live here? Mr. Albert doesn't care about you anymore? "

"That's our business! We are over now. There is nothing between us. So don't make a fuss. You are frightening me! "

"Yana, are you really not going to work? "

"Yes, it has been set. I won't go there again! "

"What a pity! " Nancy then pursed her lips, as if she had made a great decision. She said, "I've made up my mind. I don't want to go to work either! I'll be here with you! Yana, you are an excellent actress. It's a shame that you are not in the entertainment industry! If you want to continue, I can continue to be your agent. It doesn't matter if we don't have the support from any company! We can find a way out by ourselves! "

"But it's very difficult to find a way out on our own! If so, we might even die! "

"Then you can rest assured. Nothing will go wrong as long as I'm here! Just wait for my good news! " Nancy said confidently!

Seeing the happy expression on Nancy's face, Yana didn't know what to say anymore. She had no choice but to nod her head and said, "Okay! But, Nancy, Expected Film Company is really a good company. If you give up, but start from scratch with me will be very hard! "

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