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   Chapter 269

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 11062

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"What can I do to help you? " Betty almost burst into tears. "Let me tell you. Albert has begun to suspect me. He doesn't know the truth yet. If he finds out the truth, he will not let us go easily. So, you'd better not have any intention on him! Don't mess with the Cheng family! "

"Really? Now that Albert doesn't know the truth, what will happen if we tell the truth? "

"You won't tell him! " All of a sudden, the confidence that had been shown on her face was rising. She added, "If you are people who can't keep secrets, it is not possible for Albert to not find it out in so many years! So you won't gossip around! "

"Fuck! Don't play tricks! Let me tell you. You have to help us this time. Otherwise, we have lots of ways to deal with you! I'll give you time to think carefully. Let me know when you're ready. But there's a limit to my patience. So you'd better not challenge me! And don't try to escape, because you know what I'm capable of! Let's go! " Then he turned around and left with his men.

Hearing that, Betty felt exhausted and sat on the chair. How could she come across these devils again? What should she do now? Who could help her? She couldn't tell Albert the truth. If she did, she would tell him the truth that had happened six years ago. What should she do now? What else could she do?

Hearing that, Betty folded her arms and began weeping in a low voice...

These days, Albert took great pains to go out of the hospital with a large bag of trash all the time. When he came back, he carried a large barrel of soup. He went in and out several times every day. Looking at him like this, Bella and Stella couldn't help but feel a little heartache. At that time, as a father, Carter was quite calm. "He used to be self-centered. Now finally someone can teach him a lesson. It's not a bad thing! Seeing him frustrated, I feel happy for no reason! "

Brian touched his chin and thoughtfully said, "Uncle Carter, I totally agree with you! " Others shook their heads helplessly.

One day, when he arrived at the hospital, he opened the door, but only to find that Yana was not inside. He thought Yana had gone out. But when he was about to leave the ward to look for her, a nurse came in and started packing up. "The patient here hasn't been discharged yet... "He asked hurriedly.

"Oh, Miss Yana has just left after going through the discharge procedures. She has recovered well and has already passed the standard of discharge, so we have no right to stop her from leaving the hospital. "

"She has left hospital? " Without hesitation, he rushed out of the room and drove his car to chase Yana...

But Yana was now standing alone in front of Joe's tombstone, with a bouquet of elegant hyacinth on it. She gazed at Joe's smiling face and forced a smile. "Joe, I'm here to see you. I may not be able to come to see you for a long time, but you can rest assured that I will not forget to avenge you! I know you must be very sad to see me become like this. But don't worry. I won't change my mind about you. I will always be your sister, never change. I promise you that I will live a good life in the future, and I won't have the thought of dying. So don't worry about me. "

"Joe, your nephew goes to accompany you. I know that you must be a good uncle. I be

nodded. He grabbed the suitcase from her hand and led her out.

Yana got in his super car and he drove off at a steady speed.

On the way, Yana didn't say a word but silently looked ahead. Seeing that Yana didn't say anything, he didn't know what to say. He could only utter a dry cough to break the silence. "You haven't eaten anything, right? How about I take you to eat something? "

"Stop the car! "

After hearing Yana's words, he suddenly stopped the car at the roadside. He turned his head to look at Yana sitting next to him, confused. 'There is neither a shop nor a village here. Why would we park here?

Yana opened the car door and got out of the car. Then, she lifted her suitcase and turned to look at Albert. "All of a sudden, I don't know where I can go. The house was gone, my rented place has been refunded, there is no family, and there was no home for me. Perhaps I should consider carefully where my future is. I want to be alone. I want to have a walk. You go first. "

"But it's so remote here. You can't stay here alone. "

"I'm okay being alone. I'm neither rich nor beautiful. Even if some people want to rob me, they won't do anything to me, who is just like a refugee. Don't worry. I will be fine. I just want to take a walk alone. If I'm tired and can't walk anymore, I'll call you. "

Albert wanted to persuade her again, but he gave up when he saw that she was so determined. He started the car and quickly drove away. However, he made a detour to follow behind Yana silently...

Walking on the sidewalk alone with a heavy suitcase, the sunlight was dim, but it seemed that she had made up her mind. His heart was stung, but all of a sudden, he saw that Yana, who was walking in front of him, dropped the suitcase in her hand and crouched on the floor, her hands holding her mouth tightly, crying silently. Although he couldn't see her crying, he could know how sad she was from her shoulders trembling up and down.

Silently, he took a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket and, frowning, looked at Yana. Then, he put one cigarette into his mouth and took a puff. He inhaled very hard, as if he would use up all his strength. Soon, the second, the third...

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