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   Chapter 267

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4008

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"I said I would take care of you and I will do it! " He bent over and picked up Yana. Then he turned around and walked to the ward.

Looking sideways at his serious face, Yana smiled bitterly. "Albert, are you feeling sorry for me? "

Yana's words were like a hammer hitting his heart. He frowned slightly, but didn't say anything. He just held her and went on walking.

"But I don't need your sympathy! We have nothing to do with each other now. To you, I'm a stumbling block to your way to happiness with the woman you love, and to me, you're just a passerby unexpectedly! Our deal is over, and the only thing is our baby, but the baby is gone. I hope we can be like strangers from now on and do not have anything to do with it. I just want a very ordinary life. I want to break up with a noble people like you and your extravagant life. Please let me go. "

Without saying a word, Albert carried Yana upstairs in his arms. He put Yana on the bed quietly and tucked her in. Then he said, "Have a good rest. Call me if you need anything! " Then, he turned around and was about to leave.

Albert's words annoyed Yana. She grabbed a glass on the table and smashed it in front of his

. He remained silent, cleaning up the mess.

At last, Albert walked up to Yana with a large bag of glass fragments. "I've called my mom and she'll cook a pot of soup and send it here. You are not in good health. Soup is good for you. "

"I just don't want to drink your soup! 'You are really ridiculous, Albert! It's your own problem that you are willing to work hard, but why is it your family who suffers with you in the end? When can you learn to care about others' feelings? "

After thinking for a while, he looked up into Yana's angry eyes and said, "Wait for me. I'll cook for you myself! " Then he turned around. Yana picked up another glass cup on the bedside and threw it at Albert's feet. However, Albert didn't feel it at all. He turned around and closed the door behind him tightly.

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