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   Chapter 263

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 3841

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As she spoke, Yana slowly stood up. With a smile on her face, she stretched out her arms and lifted her tiptoes to feel out. Her movement was as relaxed and unhurried as if she were in a dream.

Albert's heart almost jumped to his throat when he saw what was going on. He hurried up to her and said, "Yana, calm down! Let's go downstairs first, okay? "

"No, I want to find my brother! He said he had a hard time. Without me around, he was really lonely and cold. He said he could not find his parents, and he was often beaten by others. I can't. I can't let my brother wander around alone. I want to take him home... "

"Right. Come down. I'll take you to see your brother! Don't you remember? You are the only family member of your brother. If you die, what about your brother? Think about your brother. You can't leave him alone, right? "

"My brother is dead, so I have to go down to look for him. I have to take care of him! My brother is so lonely! I need to find him! I killed my brother. I'm going to find him. I'm going to wash away all my sins! I killed my brother! I fell in love with someone I shouldn't love, so my brother

er and grabbed her hands tightly. "Yana, don't let go! Please hold my hands tightly! "

"Albert... " Yana didn't expect that Albert would come to her rescue at this critical moment... What the hell was that? What the hell was this?

When seeing the scene on the rooftop, Bella and the other rescue team who had followed closely opened their mouths wide. Bella exclaimed, "Albert! "

Although his wrist was cut by the rough ground, he still clenched his teeth and cried out, "Mom, save Yana! Hurry up! "

It was only then that Bella came back to her senses. She asked them to save the girl. The rescuers pulled Yana up without hesitation. Losing Yana's weight, he collapsed to the ground, gasping for air. The paramedics quickly escorted them to the infirmary.

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