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   Chapter 262

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4079

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"Are you threatening me? "

"We still have the evidence of your crime six years ago. If you don't want Albert to be sad for you and don't want the last good memory of you to disappear, I advise you to go back immediately and never appear in front of him again! I don't know whether he loves you or not, but I know clearly that he loves Yana! Although Yana miscarried, our family has already accepted her as the daughter-in-law. Stop dreaming! "

"Why? Why can you accept a woman as poor as a beggar into your family? "

"The reason is very simple. Yana has never done anything to hurt Albert... We accepted you before, but you really disappoint us. You actually used Albert and even hurt him! You have committed unforgivable crimes. How can we let a woman who may hurt my son at any time stay with him? "

Bella's words instantly froze Betty's limbs, but she still didn't give up and asked, "Doesn't the person who was sentenced to death have the right to apply for an appeal? Why can't you give me one more chance? "

"You should grasp this opportunity by yourself, not by anybody else! If he really loves you, whatever we do is in vain. If he really couldn't get over you that year, he would have followe

're with me, insects are flying, and flowers are sleeping. You're not afraid of darkness, and you're afraid of the broken heart. No matter how tired you are, whatever... "

Her white robe and the gray sky and earth complement each other and seemed to have become one. As soon as he stepped onto the staircase, he came to a halt. He didn't dare to move his body and look at Yana, fearing that he would wake her up, then she would fall...

In the end, the flower was completely ravaged by her. It turned into a bare branch. She smiled with tears, "Joe, don't be afraid. I am going to accompany you. I am going to accompany you! I know you're always being bullied. You must be cold now and nobody takes care of you. Take it easy, your little nephew and I will go to accompany you, you won't be lonely, not alone! "

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