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   Chapter 244

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Lowering her head, Betty smiled and thought, 'Since I ask you to go with me this time, I will make sure you forget Yana completely and come back to me! ' But before that, I must tell Yana to get rid of her feelings for you. That child is the biggest obstacle to me. I must tell her to have an abortion! Then she would have nothing to worry about!

The next morning, Yana went to the filming base early. After taking a lesson from the last time, Yana didn't want to take photos in the sea. As Yana was pregnant, she couldn't bear the irritation of sea water, so everything was transferred to the land. If there's a sea scene, make special effects.

They had taken photos before. So this time, they only needed to take another one in the sea, and then the ending of the shooting should be achieved. The crying of the mermaid ended up just like a drop of gemstone.

The shooting was smooth, so all work was done. Ellis was by Yana's side all the time. When he saw that Yana had finished photographing, he immediately took his coat, walked over to her and enveloped her in it. He said with a smile, "You did a good job! You look even more beautiful on the camera! "

"Thank you! " Yana smiled an

He even allowed her to live in such a high-end apartment. Since Ellis treated her so well and she became his girlfriend now, there was no reason for her to stay here with the unborn baby. If she did something, Yana would definitely have an abortion! As long as she lost the baby, Yana would cut off all ties with Albert. And it would be easy for her to capture Albert!

Thinking that she would be held by Albert to walk on the red carpet in the near future, Betty was very happy. She hummed a tune and went upstairs.

Her detective had already found out where Yana lived, so it was not difficult for her to find Yana. She gently rang the doorbell, and soon an innocent boy opened the door. He looked at her up and down and asked, "Who are you? "

"I'm a friend of your sister. Is she at home? "

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