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   Chapter 240 love at first sight

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"Sounds good. When I lose my job, I will apply for a job as a senior cook. There will be a restaurant to accept me, right?" Ellis didn't seem to be annoyed by his words. Instead, he sat on the sofa, listening to him carefully and giggling.

Yana walked over to them and laughed, "If you lose your job, all of us can't live!"

"Haha! Come on, sit down. The dinner is ready! " Ellis gestured for them to sit down. The moment Yana sat down, she felt a sudden nausea. Covering her mouth, she ran to the bathroom, and began retching by the side of the basin.

Joe looked worriedly at the direction of the bathroom and said, "What's wrong with my elder sister?"

After comforting him, Ellis ran to the bathroom and asked anxiously, "What's wrong? Is it because of the stomach? How could this be? Do you feel better? How about having some hot soup to warm up your stomach? "

"Don't worry. There is stomach medicine in the room. I'll be fine after taking some!" Then she turned around and went to the living room to get the medicine. It was not easy to find it, but it was snatched away by Ellis. He threw it into the garbage can brutally and said, "Your can't take medicine now It's not good for your health! "

Stunned, Yana stared at Ellis blankly. She tried to say som

dom even if you didn't want it? You look like you are hit by thunder when you get pregnant. Who else can you blame? By the way, didn't your boyfriend come with you? How could a man be so irresponsible? "

But Yana didn't say a word. She took the test result from the doctor and read it carefully. The test result was positive and the pregnancy cycle was three and a half weeks! She was pregnant with his child

Then she left the hospital like a soulless walking corpse. No sooner had she left the office than Christine came in. She asked, "Doctor, what does that girl come here for?"

"We are in the obstetrics and gynecology department. People come here for either pregnancy checkups or miscarriage. What else do you think she can do?"

"Then Then why did the girl come here just now? Do you come here for a pregnancy test or for an abortion? "

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