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   Chapter 239 love at first sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4073

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"Yana, I'm very sober now. I'm just afraid that if I calm down when I go back, I won't have the courage to tell you what I really think! I am serious. I want to take care of you for the rest of my life! "

"But But you are a great CEO of A-N Group. And I am just a woman who could sell myself for money. Why are you obsessed with me? Mr. Ellis, don't make fun of me anymore, okay? I really don't want to have any relationship with the big shots like you anymore! "

"As I said just now, I don't allow you to belittle yourself! You're always the same person in my heart! And you don't have to care about the difference in status between you and me! You have forgotten that you have accepted Albert disregarded the huge difference in social status between you, but why have you been so hard to accept me? Is it because I'm not as good as Albert? "

"How can you not be as good as him? You are better tempered, gentle, considerate and know how to take care of people But it is because I have accepted Albert, I can't let you accept this dirty me! Don't say anything more, Ellis. Give me some time to think it over. I'll give you the answer when I make up my mind. " Then, she turned around and got in the car.

held his head and buried his head in her arms for a long time before he muttered, "It's okay as long as my elder sister likes it. As long as he treats you well, he'll be my favorite brother-in-law! As long as you are happy, you can make any decision! "

"Joe..." Listening to her brother's words, Yana was hard not to be moved. She hugged Joe tightly and said, "No matter what happened, I will always be here for you. I will always be there for you!" They cuddled together and cried again

A delicious lunch was prepared by Ellis very soon. As Ellis carried the dishes out from the dining room, he called out the sister and brother to have lunch together. Joe ran over to him and gleefully looked at the delicious dishes on the table. "Wow, I'm so lucky to have them! Ellis is qualified to be a top chef! "

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