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   Chapter 238 love at first sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4433

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"Don't mention anything owed or not! The most important thing is to have a good rest! " Ellis consoled her with a smile, and Yana's face also showed a rare smile. All of a sudden, Ellis changed the topic and asked, "Yana, have you really decided to live like this with Albert for the rest of your life? I think he jumped into the sea regardless of his own life to save you, which proves that you still have a place in his heart. Don't you want to be with him? Maybe you will find that he is your happiness when you turn around. "

"I don't know if he is my happiness, but I know all my misfortunes are caused by him!"

"But I mean, but if If there is a inexorable bond between you two, will you still be so heartless? If he wants to get you back, won't you give him the chance? After all, your child is innocent. Do you want your child to be born without a father? "

"The baby?" Putting her hands on her abdomen, Ellis started to think about what Ellis said seriously. She thought, 'if I have a baby with him, will I leave in relief?' Maybe she would humbly stay with him. But what could she do even if she stayed with him? He would not marry her! Did she want his child to follow her to be an illegitimate child born by a mistress who had been living in the dark all the time? As a person who attached great import

he has had enough of me! "

"I don't allow you to belittle yourself like this! In my heart, I know you are a good woman! "

Yana smiled wryly and said, "Mr. Ellis, I know you've been living in Country B since you were a child, and you may be open-minded to women's affairs. But I'm the people of A Country, and I'm an official member of A Country. So I'm conservative in terms of sexual relationship! Although I've been a woman of Albert, I want a stable relationship and a warm family! "

"I will marry you!"

Yana was stunned to hear that. What Ellis said was nothing but "I'll marry you"! Does the happiest thing for a woman in her life is to meet a man who loves her very much and marry into a happy family? Ellis' words made her almost unable to parry.

"Mr. Ellis, I don't think you are sober enough today, so let's talk about this matter after you think it through!"

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