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   Chapter 235 love at first sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4093

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Yana didn't know how many times she had jumped into the sea. Finally, the director gave his consent. This round of shooting was finally over. But Yana had no strength left. She swam to the shore, lying on the sand, panting.

A staff member brought a big blanket to Yana. She stood up, wrapped in a towel, and took a seat on the chair. But as soon as she sat down, a colic pain gripped her lower abdomen. She had felt the pain when she jumped into the sea, but she didn't care about it. After she took a rest, she could feel the pain.

She frowned, pushed aside the staff, and rushed to the simple washroom. She locked the door and took off her leggings. Then she found some blood on it! 'Oh my God! Is my period coming now? But on second thought, her period had indeed been delayed for a long time, so she didn't pay much attention to it before. She used to have her period on time, but why did it take so long this time?

'Maybe it's because I have been emotional recently, which makes my period disordered? Thinking of this, she went out after she got the sanitary pad ready in a hurry.

Sitting on the beach, Yana looked into the distance and suddenly had a headache. It just so happened that she had to shoot

s Ellis so nice to her? She just couldn't figure it out!

'Forget it. Since you can't figure it out, don't think about it for the moment. Just accept the move happily!'

After lunch, Yana took a short break and they started to work again. The cruise ship had been arranged like an imperial palace. Beautiful scenery was everywhere. The mermaid played by Yana saw the prince and another Princess dancing happily in the corner. Then she ran to the prince and told him the truth loudly, but the prince had lost his memory. He forgot this beautiful mermaid. The mermaid ran out of the cabin, heartbroken. She stood on the deck and shouted at Prince, "Why do you remember everything except me? If tears can bring back all your memories, if my life can be exchanged for your love for me, I will do anything for you! "

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