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   Chapter 233

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Yana didn't know how she came back home either. She was dizzy all the time and all her consciousness was left in the place when he smiled. It turned out that what he had done was not for her, but for the fact that he had promised another woman a wish. He was just fulfilling that wish rather than hating her to make them have no place to live in... It turned out that in his heart, even hatred was a hassle? However, she was only under the hallucination that the land was robbed by him because he hated her? Huh, hate? There was no love, then there would be no hatred. She was being sentimental, she thought!

After tucking her in, he turned around and walked out. Before long, he brought her a bowl of steaming porridge. He said in a low voice, "Yana, come and have some porridge, okay? "

"I don't want to eat anything. You go out first. I want to have a rest! "

Ellis sighed and said, "All right. Have a good rest. If you have any problem, just call me. I will stay here tonight. " Seeing that Yana didn't want to talk to him, Ellis had no choice but to leave the room and close the door.

Yana lay on the bed alone. She wrapped her arms around the covers tightly and began to wail helplessly...

Three days later, Yana showed up at the set. Mermaid was the base of the jewelry. Ev

her eyes. Of course, Ellis knew that it was Yana's weakness, so he quickly said, "You don't have to ask about these things. Just tell me if you want to help or not! "

When Manny saw that Ellis was so protective of Yana, he understood what had happened. With a sly smile on his face, he patted on Ellis' shoulder and said, "Oh, I see! Do you fall in love with Yana? Why would you spare no effort to help her? I remember that you were not so generous when you were in Country B! "

Ellis looked down at Yana with embarrassment, but Yana looked up at him in surprise, too. Their eyes met and both of their faces flushed. He put his hand on Manny's chest and said, "I want to ask you for help, but why do you have so many words? Call me when you find it. Don't introduce her to other bad companies! "

Manny rubbed his chest and laughed, "Don't worry about it! "

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