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   Chapter 229 falling in love at first sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 3972

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After settling down Joe, they left the villa together. The car moved slowly along the road. Looking at Yana's sad face, Ellis consoled, "Don't worry about it. After all, your brother knows nothing about it. Don't you want to tell your brother the truth? "

"I can't tell him yet! Even though our relationship has gone out of control, Albert is still nice to my brother. He treats him like his family. After all, we have no relatives or friends for so many years, and he has no playmates either. So the sudden appearance of a person is very precious to him. It may be difficult for him to accept the fact in a short time. So I'd better give it some time, and let him accept it bit by bit. No matter what, it will be okay when we used to it! "

Yana was having a headache. It's hard for her to not have a headache for such a relationship and thing! "Stop the car. I want to walk around by myself! And I can't find a place to live even if sitting in your car all the time. It also takes up your work time. I will call you when I find a house. "

"Let me take you to a place! Don't worry. I will never sell you! " Ellis put on a humored smile, which cheered up Yana. Yana nodded and

lost your job. In addition, you have to pay a large sum of liquidated damages. I know that there is not so much money in your hand. And it was not an easy thing to find a suitable house. I think we are friends now, and it's my responsibility to give a hand at a critical moment. Besides, I don't help you without salary. I will also charge the rent. But as a friend, I only charge a friendship price. Yana, don't think too much. Move in! Then you can have a good living environment to work more comfortably. I don't want to see a mermaid with a haggard face in my commercial shoot! "

"Haha Since I am so tired, how can I be beautiful? " Then she looked up at Ellis gratefully and said, "Mr. Ellis, thank you so much! You helped me again and again. I really don't know how to thank you! "

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