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   Chapter 223 love at first sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 3954

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Noticing the anger radiating from Yana, Joe followed her gaze and asked, "Elder sister, what's wrong?"

"Nothing. Let's go! I don't want to stay here any longer! " Then, she grabbed Joe's hand and left without even looking back. 'Thank you for giving me such a hard time, Albert. I'm stronger and stronger. I don't love you anymore. I'll turn everything you give me into the most powerful force. I won't be defeated by you. I'll stick to it. Even if I climb up, I won't compromise to you!'! Never!

Yana's figure was so stubborn. At this moment, she put up her thorns all over her body and frozen her heart completely

In the office of Ricky International, no sooner had Christine opened the door than a pungent smell came into her nose. She fanned herself with her hands, frowned, and rushed to open the window. When she opened the window, she saw that a delicate tie clip was lying on the table, with wine bottles rolling on the floor at Albert's feet...

"Elder brother, what's wrong with you? Why did you drink so much? Oh my God! Don't tell me that you had such a miserable life in your office these days! "

"What do you think I should do, Christine? What do you

th me? "

"How do you know whether she will come or not if you don't go? You don't even have the courage to take this step, how can you wish for her to come back? Brother, don't hesitate any more. Once you take this step, no matter you succeed or fail, you won't have any regret, will you? Just give yourself a determined answer! If I could, I would do that without hesitation! "

"Yes, you're right! I'll find her back! I'll find her back!.

Christine stood up and looked at his hopeful figure, her eyes brimming with tears. Brother, I hope you can be happy. Only in this way can I be happier! You are the only person that can make me happy in this family. If you are not happy, I will be sadder! So brother, you must recognize your own heart, you must come on, you must be happy!

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