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   Chapter 222 love at first sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4469

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"Why does the construction begin all of a sudden? I didn't see any sign of precursor before? I haven't even found a place to live. I'm moving tomorrow. How can I find a place to live? " Yana panicked and began to feel dizzy. She reached out her hands to hold the door to prevent herself from falling. 'Oh, my God. Things are not going smoothly yet! Where could she find such a cheap house now?

The landlady of the house knew they were having a hard time. But since the notice had already come down, they could do nothing about it! Many people who had lived here for many years were deeply in love with this place, but they were attracted by the money which was provided with generous conditions. Therefore, they were willing to sell it! I have no choice but to betray them! '! "I know you're a super star now, and you have a rich boyfriend. I don't think it's difficult for you to find a place to live, why living in a remote place? That's it? You must leave here before 10 o'clock tomorrow, or they would dismiss it by force! I have no other choice! Think about where you are going to live and I'll leave now! " Then she left.

Yana closed the door and leaned against it. What should I do now? Where on earth could she find a house to live? She only had so much money, and it would cost thousands of dollars to rent a house a m

agged their suitcases and locked the door. After throwing the keys to the flowerpot which was placed at the door, they turned around and went downstairs. Carrying their luggage, they walked into the green stone lane

Behind them came the rustling sound of the collapsed house. The two siblings snuggled up to each other, and both of them cried in silence. But Yana couldn't help it turning her head around, she saw the apartment they lived was slowly collapsing. Just then, she suddenly saw a familiar logo of Ricky International! Unexpectedly, the company who bought the land was Ricky International! 'Albert, you are such a cold hearted man that you have just kicked me away from you and cut off all my route of retreat in such a short time Is this the way you take revenge on me? Then you win, I have nothing now, nor even a place to live. It's all because of you! It's all your fault!

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