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   Chapter 221 falling in love at first sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4651

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Upon hearing this, those female employees ran away like birds and beasts!

Looking at the red underpants in his hand, Albert was so angry that he wanted to burn this red underpants to ashes! But in the end, he went back to his office with the red briefs in his hand in anger.

Sitting back in his chair, Albert couldn't calm himself down anymore. He called John and said, "I need to monitor Yana right now! No matter what she does, tell me! "

"Yes, Mr. Albert!"

Although Yana walked out of the monitor area of Ricky International steadily, as soon as she turned around, she fell to the ground with tears rushing down. Why did they become this? It was not what she wanted. It was not what she wanted! But how did it come to this?

"Mr. Albert Honey... " Covering her face, Yana wept on the floor

When she was wandering on the road, suddenly she passed by the supermarket. She clenched her handbag tight. Inside was the tie clip that she had promised to give to Albert, which cost her 1200000 dollars! Now the present had lost its owner and she could do nothing to keep it. Besides, she was heavily in debt. She needed to pay!

Thinking of this, Yana stepped into the store and stopped at the counter. She took the thing out of the bag and handed it to the sales clerk. "Excuse me, miss. I bought this thing yesterday. But after I bought it, I suddenly found that no one c

door. It's so late. Who would come?' wondered Yana. She dried her hands, turned off the tap, and went to open the door. To her surprise, it was the landlady. Yana was surprised and said with a smile, "Mrs. landlady, it hasn't been time to pay the rent, isn't it? What brings you here? "

"Well, I don't know what to say! You have lived here for three or four years. Although we are not familiar with each other, I know it is not easy for you two to get along well with each other, so I don't blame you if you rent this house so easily! But what could I do? We received a notice this morning. It said that the land here had already been sold and the construction was about to begin. We have to move out now, so That's why this house is not mine now. According to the law, we have to move out before 10 o'clock tomorrow morning and the construction should start in the afternoon. I'm not driving you away. Please forgive me! "

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