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   Chapter 216

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4211

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"Let go of me. I'm going back! " She threw his hand hard, but his grip was even tighter. Yana used all her strength to shake off his arms, but failed.

At the sight of this, Ellis, who was still sitting in the car, quickly got off the car. He pushed away Albert's hand and stood in front of Yana to protect her. Then he said, "Mr. Albert, if you have anything to say, just say it. Don't act like this. It doesn't look good! "

Albert looked at the man in front of him in disbelief. Then he turned to Yana and asked, "Yana, are you with him tonight? Yana, do I treat you bad? I bought you. How dare you flirt with other men behind my back! What's up? You want to find another man so soon? Is this your next sponsor? 'Yana, you're so particular about choosing boys from big families. Huh! I'm telling you, I have already made love with this woman. Do you still want to have sex with her? Oh, let me tell you. It was ten million for one hundred days when I bought her before, but she was still a virgin at that time. Now I have played with her for such a long time. How much money do you give her then? "

"Albert, you bastard! " Yana slapped hard across Albert's face. Tears welled up in her eyes. "Let me tell you. Our deal is over today! Yes, I sold

ny, I won't stop my cooperation with Miss Yana! What's more, after what Mr. Albert said just now, I think that Yana can come to work in my company tomorrow. She has a very good image and temperament, so I hope she can be the long-term spokesperson of our company. Miss Yana will be the spokesperson for all the products in our company! "

Both Yana and Albert were shocked by Ellis' words. Yana pulled Ellis' sleeve with some worry and said, "Mr. Ellis... "

Ellis held her hand and patted it lightly. Then he turned to look at Albert and said, "Mr. Albert, I want to talk about Miss Yana's liquidated damages. As long as Miss Yana becomes the spokesperson of my company, I think she can pay off all the money! So I hope you can be lenient to Miss Yana for a few days. By that time, she can give Mr. Albert 3 million as the penalty. "

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