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   Chapter 214

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"It must be fate! Come on, wipe it! You are now a popular star. You can't let your image on the TV or magazines appear in such a embarrassing way! "

What Ellis had said made Yana smile. She took the handkerchief from Ellis to wipe her mouth. Then she sat on the beach, holding the wine bottle and looking at the vast sea. Ellis looked at her and asked, "You seem to have something on your mind, don't you? Could you tell me? Maybe I can be your best listener! "

"I'm fine. It's just I made a mistake and I can't forgive myself. So I want to punish myself! I can't drink, but at this time only drinking can make me temporarily paralyze the heart. I know drinking can't solve anything, but at this moment, I have no other way except drinking to relax! "

"But there are more than one way to relax! Or you can try to say anything you want to say to the ocean! Or you can shout loudly, and it will make you feel better for the time being! " As he spoke, he pulled up Yana's hand and stood up. Then he opened his arms and shouted at the ocean. Then he laughed and looked at Yana, saying, "Come on, imitate me. If you can scream out, you will feel much better! "

Looking at Ellis's trusting eyes, Yana smiled. Then she let go of her hand as Ellis did and shouted. "Mr. E