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   Chapter 213

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4157

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After throwing the box away, Yana wiped the tears on her face, turned around and walked away.

As soon as Albert finished the meeting, he came back. Surprised, he saw Betty who had just stepped out of the elevator. At the same time, he smiled and asked, "Why did you suddenly come to my company today? What's up? "

"Nothing! I just want to have dinner with you! You haven't come to see me since I was discharged from the hospital last time. I miss you, so I come to see you. "

"Oh, but I have to go back to have dinner tonight, so I can't accompany you to have dinner. "

"Well... " A hint of discontent flashed through her mind. But she comforted herself that the receptionist might have told her words to Yana? 'Yana might have left the company sadly? Yana, don't ever try to sabotage our relationship!

He headed to his office, but when he reached the door, his secretary stopped him. "Mr. Albert, when you were having a meeting, the receptionist called and said that there was a woman named Yana looking for you. But I let her wait in the lounge because you were in a meeting. "

"Yana? Why did she come to my company? I'll go downstairs right now! " As soon as he said that, he opened the door of the elevator in a hurry

ed aimlessly. Unconsciously, she arrived at a shop. She went in, bought a few bottles of wine and went towards the sea.

Perhaps it was the best choice for her to get drunk at this time. When she woke up, she would clearly feel how ridiculous it was to be stupid like her, and she would feel the pain in her heart! At this moment, what she wanted was only to get drunk. She didn't want to think about those things, and she didn't want to recall everything about that man!

She opened a bottle of wine, raised her head and drank it. A heavy gulp made her cough, but a beautiful hand suddenly appeared in front of her and handed her a clean handkerchief. Yana raised her head and saw Ellis's bright and warm eyes. "Mr. Ellis, why are you here? You are always here when I'm in a difficult position! You have seen it clearly! "

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