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   Chapter 212

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 3831

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"Okay! Thank you! " Nodding with a smile, Yana took the gift box to the rest area. A waiter served a cup of drink to Yana. He recognized her and said excitedly, "Are you The popular female star named Yana? Can you give me a signature? "

The waiter asked Yana enthusiastically for an autograph. With a big smile, Yana took out a pen and signed her name. The waiter was so happy that he smiled again. "Oh right, are you a star of Expected Film Company? Are you here for Mr. Albert? "

"I... "

"Is that a gift for Mr. Albert? Don't worry. We all know the hidden rules of the entertainment circle. I won't say that! "

"What hidden rules? "

"Well, you don't have to explain! You are so lucky to be his girlfriend! You will have a bigger chance to work with Mr. Albert! I think you will win! " The waiter gossiped for a while. Then someone called out his name, so he left.

Yana was speechless. How come this had anything to do with a hidden rule? Damn it! Having nothing else to do, Yana took a sip of her beverage. Time was slipping by second. She had been waiting for nearly an hour here, but there was still no news that Albert

I'm fine! Don't tell Mr. Albert that I've come. I'm leaving now! " Then she dragged herself out of the gate of Ricky International. Standing in front of the gate, the sun was shining gently on her. She raised her hand and looked at the gift she carefully selected for Albert. Suddenly, she felt it was so dazzling! She tried her best to pick out a gift for Albert, and now it felt like a clown laughing at her and mocking that she was flattering herself...

She raised her hand, and the well packed box drew a beautiful arc in the air and then fell into the trash can at the door. 'You trampled all that I have done for you, and even admired me as a clown in front of you. You must be very proud, right? But I have to tell you that I will not love you anymore!

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