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   Chapter 211 love at the first sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 3948

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"I know. Why do you ask for your gift every day? I'll buy it for you tomorrow, okay? How annoying! Go to sleep now! " Then she pulled the quilt over her head and was about to go to bed. At the same time, Albert got under the quilt and kissed her wildly

The next morning, Yana got up early. After having breakfast, she went to the company to record music. As soon as Yana stepped into the door, the producer looked at her in surprise and said, "I thought you would not record this song since you were so angry yesterday."

"I'm sorry, James. It's all because of my impulse that you've been waiting for me so long! When I read the lyrics yesterday. I felt it's like a diary that my brother once wrote. So I went back to scold him angrily. I didn't expect that the lyrics were really written by my brother. I think it's also my brother's idea. I can't let it down, so today I still want to come to this music. I don't know Do I still have the chance? "

"Since you are here, it means that you attach great importance to it. We have been waiting for you all the time! And you said that your brother wrote this song for you. We can't let him down! If you're ready, you can r

t time that Yana had worked in Albert's company. Many employees didn't know her. Yana came to the front desk and said, "Miss, I'm looking for Mr. Albert. Can I go up now?"

"I'm sorry, miss. Do you have an appointment?"

"No! But you can call Mr. Albert and tell him that Yana is here. I think he might let me go up! "

"Please wait for a moment!" Then she made a call to the secretary department. A staff in the secretary room answered the phone and hung up the phone, telling her that he was in a meeting. The receptionist smiled and said, "Sorry, Miss Yana. Mr. Albert is having a meeting now. I'm afraid he can't answer the phone. If you are not in a hurry, you can wait in the rest area for a while. When the president's meeting is over, the Secretary will tell Mr. Albert! "

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