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   Chapter 208 love at first sight

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"Well Let me check on something else first. " Yana gave the tie clip a long look and left. Not because she didn't have money to buy it, but that much money, her savings wound go down by half! She hadn't taken her brother to Paris yet!

Although she didn't get him a tie clip, she still decided to buy a shirt for him. After all, she did owe him a shirt! Then she selected a relatively good and fair white shirt to compensate to Albert!

After picking up the shirts, Joe selected other items and Yana went to the counter to pay the bill. The two brother and sister walked home with those stuff. After passing a park, Joe saw a kite flying in the sky. He suddenly said with admiration, "Wow, I also want to run freely to fly a kite!"

"I know that my body can't run freely! Then can you show it to me? "

"What?" Yana looked up at the kite flying freely in the sky and then looked at Joe's eager eyes. He finally nodded and said, "Okay. Wait here. I'm going to buy a kite."

"Yes!" Joe nodded his head, Yana ran to buy the kite and they put their bags at the gate of the park before going to the hillside to fly the kite.

Yana ran hand in hand on the hillside while Joe stood behind her, clapping his hands. The laughter of th

n the fridge! I was also hungry, so I ate. "

"Didn't you go for dinner? Why did you come back hungry? That's really weird! "

"We went to a dinner party not for eat. We went to get drunk! There were a lot of delicious dishes on the table, but only a few bites were taken. All were drinking. It wouldn't look good if I didn't drink it, so I drank it all! Now I still have a stomach full of wine. It's killing me! "

"Then why are you still eating something cold? Do you really think you are fearless of nothing at such a young age? There were some bacteria in the food left in the kitchen. You should heat it up! How could you eat it so cold? You really don't know how to take care of yourself! Come here, I'll heat it for you! " Yana immediately fetched the meal box and heated it with a microwave before taking it out.

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