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   Chapter 207 love at first sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 3878

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"No! If you don't buy new clothes, I won't take them, either! " Joe sat on the sofa in a fit of pique, his lips pouting in dissatisfaction.

Yana sighed with profound resignation. "Fine. I'll wear them."

After that, Joe ran to her cheerfully, handed her a pile of clothes and pushed her into the fitting room. Yana smiled resignedly and shook her head. She began to try them on. After putting on one, she walked out of the fitting room and handed it to Joe. Joe sometimes shook his head and nodded. Yana put on seven or eight suits in a row and then stopped. Joe gestured to the waiters to pick up the four suits.

"Joe, are you insane? Why did you buy me so many clothes? "

"Elder sister, I want you to dress up every day!"

"But you don't have to buy so many clothes. You squander money like that! "

"Elder sister, please buy them. Don't worry. These clothes are very beautiful. You will definitely be attracted if you wear them! Please, just promise me to buy it, please! "

"Okay, okay. I'll buy them. You're really good at acting like a spoiled child! " Yana had no choice but to buy it by card. To be honest, since she grew up, it h

saw a tie clip. She walked up to the tie clip slowly. The more she looked at it, the more she felt that the tie clip matched with Albert's temperament. She really couldn't imagine how he would look if he wore this tie clip.

Didn't he always want a gift? 'then buy this tie clip and send it to him!'! She hoped that he would like it! However, when she lowered her head and saw the label below, she was surprised that there are five zero behind it. Five zero? It was just a little tie clip. How could it cost 1200000? 'Is he a Robber?

"Miss, do you need me to take off this tie clip and show it to you? This tie clip is this year's new product in a very small number, and there are only five in the world. If you want to buy it, please order one as soon as possible! "

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