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   Chapter 205 love at first sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4412

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"Yana, come and record the theme song today! The theme song, whether the lyrics or the lullaby, has been carefully chosen by Bella, so the theme song this time is very nice, and I think this theme song can also be a hot song! We have a close discussion and you will be responsible for the melody! Come to work now! "

"Really? Thank you very much! Okay, I'll be there soon! " Yana happily hung up the phone, took off her apron and put it aside. After that, she changed his clothes and shoes and ran out of the house. At the door, Yana looked at Joe and said, "Joe, I have to go to the company today. You stay at home and don't run around."

"Well, I see!"

With a smile, Yana rushed to the company. As expected, Nancy was waiting for her at the roadside. After getting in the car, Nancy drove to the company. While driving, she smiled, "Yana, you're really something! You managed to get the theme song of this time! Although a song is not very lucrative, it will laid a solid foundation for you to march into the music industry! As long as this film is a hit, the song you'll sing will be famous. And many record companies will surely employ you to be a singer! Oh, I remember that Mr. Albert have a record company? Will he offer you a chance to sing? Singing was much easier than to play a movie! Besides, you

in her mind. Joe, it would be better not you, not you!

Yana pushed the door open angrily. Joe was writing something in the bedroom. When he saw his sister standing in front of him, panting, he reached out to cover the papers on the table and turned to Yana with a smile. "Yana, aren't you going to the company recording music today? Why do you come back so early? Is everything okay? "

"What are you writing? Give it to me! " Yana reached out her hand and put it in front of Joe. The latter quickly waved his hand and said, "What are you talking about? I'm writing a novel. Do you want to read it? I haven't finished yet. Can you check it after I finish? "

But Yana didn't listen to him and took out all the papers pressed under his arms. Yana checked them one by one. Then she threw all the papers on Joe's face and fumed, "Joe, is this what you do at home every day?"

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