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   Chapter 204 fall in love at first sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4066

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The words of Albert made Yana very excited. She hugged his neck tightly and said, "I won't leave as long as you don't let me leave! Honey... "

It was the first time she had called him by his pet name tenderly. She used to call him Mr. Albert when she was gentle, and when she was angry, she would call his full name. It was the first time she had called him like this. 'Albert, don't worry. I won't betray you or leave you. As long as you need me, as long as you really hope me not to leave, I won't leave you. I really hope that I can have my family's company, and you I hope you to be my family one day!

The next day, Yana got up early to prepare breakfast and prepared a large table of delicious food. When Joe got up and saw these food, he couldn't help laughing. "Sister, why did you prepare so many delicious food today?"

"Okay. Wash your hands and wash your face. Let's have breakfast! By the way, go to the bedroom and ask Albert to come out for dinner. "

"Hey, when did brother Albert come back? Why didn't I know? " Joe mumbled to himself. When he turned around to call for Albert, the moment he opened the door, he saw him. "Hey, Albert. Get up quickly. Breakfast is ready!"

Hearing thi

t laugh, he picked up the spoon and began to eat porridge. But as soon as he looked down, he saw Joe's bad smile. He suddenly coughed and chocked. He immediately took some tissues to cover his mouth and coughed.

Yana looked at him scornfully again. "You are already a grown-up, but you still choke on food. You are getting worse!"

He finally stopped coughing after giving her a ferocious stare. He was so angry that he even forgot to eat. Then he picked up the car key and went to work. Yana looked at his retreating figure and said, "Don't eat if you don't want to! I'm telling the truth! "

After breakfast, Yana cleaned up the table and went to the kitchen to wash the bowls and plates. Suddenly, her phone rang. She quickly wiped her hands dry and answered the phone, "Hello, producer, what's up?"

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